He resigned as party chairman of Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen confirmed to reporters Monday morning that he would resign from the party leadership. He resigned temporarily before the presidential election last year, leaving Jordan Bardella as interim president.

The party will meet in the fall to decide on the new leadership, writes the Le Monde. They added that Le Pen plans to put all his strength into the National Assembly.

French President Emmanuel Macron and his allies lost an absolute majority in the National Assembly on Sunday. Another major change in French politics is that its challenger, Marine Le Pen’s party, with 89 members of the right-wing National Concentration, can form an independent faction again for the first time since 1986.

The new National Assembly will hold its inaugural session on June 28, and a government reshuffle is expected after ministers and Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne run for office at the request of the head of state, but a member of the government who failed to win his constituency must resign.

Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon, Amélie de Montchalin, head of the ministry responsible for ecological transition, and Justine Bénin, secretary of state for maritime affairs, have not obtained a mandate. Richard Ferrand, the pro-government chairman of the National Assembly, and Christophe Castaner, the leader of the Nationalist Group in the governing party, were also eliminated in his constituency.

(Cover image: Marine Le Pen, June 12, 2022. Photo: Denis Charlet / AFP)

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