The woman told her story in the Facebook community "Women at the Wheel"

“Recently separated, all my life they took me and brought me. And now? I had to learn to drive.” With this sentence, Gabriela Barabino presented her story in the Women at the Wheel Facebook group and listed the reasons why did not dare to take the license of driving. The publication immediately went viral and thousands of users commented on their own experiences. “I cried with joy, everything is achieved,” he assured LA NACIÓN.

As revealed, the woman, a native of Córdoba, encountered a difficult scenario: After several years as a couple, they decided to end their relationship. and faced one of his worst fears, that of driving a vehicle. Accustomed to moving to the places where she had to attend thanks to the help of her ex-partner, one day -and unexpectedly- it was time to lose fear and learn.

“The truth is that I was denied, because of my terror or panic. Sometimes he wanted to teach me, but I didn’t see it as something feasible, because just thinking about it made my body paralyze. In April 2021 we parted ways and I got desperate because I didn’t know how to get around. I have a business and it is essential for me to go to events and fairs for entrepreneurs, “he explained in dialogue with LA NACION.

The woman told her story in the Facebook community “Mujeres al Volante”Facebook Women at the Wheel

After thinking about it for a while, decided to take classes with his Daewoo Tico vehicle. Who was your main motivation? The Women at the Wheel group. “I met them on Instagram and their posts really fascinated me, not only because of the people who recounted their experiences when obtaining their licenses, but because of everything educational material and tips that they shared I dreamed one day, perhaps, to go out with my license. In September I started with classes,” she recalled.

In the post shared by the community in charge of offering a service of driving classes aimed at women, maintained that all these fears were left behind in November 2021: “With 48 years and After two months of driving classes, I finally got my driver’s license.. What I cried with joy that day! Until then everything seemed nice, but what I have to add is that He suffered from driving panic. Each class was like feeling my heart beat out of my chest, my legs were shaking, it was horrible”.

The vehicle with which Gabriela Barabino learned to drive
The vehicle with which Gabriela Barabino learned to driveGabriela Barabino

Although he is currently happy for his achievement, he commented that not everything was easy. Every moment in which her driving teacher sent her a message to let her know that he was about to look for her, she was begging for the class to be cancelled. “He confirmed the time and I was already beginning to shake. But, I never procrastinated a day. I faced the fear, the panic, and I fought it,” he said.

Towards the end of his story, He assured that to this day he overcame those negative feelings that bothered her so much. In that line, left a hopeful message for those who find themselves in a similar situation. “Today I go out, I set up short circuits, sometimes long ones, extensive studies, and I keep repeating ‘Come on Gabriela, you can, you’re doing well’ and I can. My heart is still beating fast, but day by day I move forward. Yes indeed, I force myself to go out on the road and pay attention to myself. everything is achieved”.

The repercussion of the posting was such, that received 82 thousand I like it and 8 thousand comments. Likewise, the story gave rise to women from different parts of the country giving their opinion about it and creating a space for emotional release. “I congratulate you, it’s wonderful, It is the first thing we have to do to become independent. Although it is not separated, it must be done yes or yes. I still, after so many years, do not park very well, but I look for a larger space. I’m proud of myself,” one user wrote.

Some of the comments they made on the post
Some of the comments they made on the postFacebook Women at the Wheel

“Congratulations! I also had to do the same when my husband passed away, one does not know how strong one is, until being brave is the only option. You will overcome all those emotions and you will be able to enjoy driving. Love,” added another. “I am 100% identified, I had a driver, as I said, and suddenly I was left alone. I needed to move to continue doing my things, and it was difficult for me to make the decision to learn. I’m still scared, but I managed to buy my vehicle and get the license. You can, with effort and dedication”, was another comment that stood out from the rest.

Women at the Wheel was created in 2009 and is the first community of women in the world of mobility. “When I did it, there was nothing about gender, and even less so in an industry as masculine as the automotive industry. The main need that we detected was to generate inclusion in women, that she be part and protagonist of this world”, revealed Luly Dietrich, the founder of the group in question, in a July 13 note for Content LAB.

Among the statistics that he slipped, he maintained that in that year only 24% of the car driving licenses in Argentina were for women. However, today that number rose to 28%. “Although it has grown a lot, there are still two key needs: the inclusion of women in the field and reduce the gender gap that exists in driver’s licenses,” he said.

The logo of Mujeres al Volante, the community that has hundreds of followers on social networks
The logo of Mujeres al Volante, the community that has hundreds of followers on social networksFacebook Women at the Wheel

On the other hand, the program works hard so that women achieve various goals based on their own well-being: “We talk about calm at the wheel; posture behind the wheel; Safe driving; finance management; CPR and first aid program.

In this way, Gabriela’s story was added to that of hundreds of cases that, like her, went ahead despite the situation in which they found themselves and, with courage and tenacity, achieved their achievements. What seemed like an impossible plan, finally materialized and today she is in charge of sharing her experience as a way to motivate others.

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