The tweet generated a wave of repudiation

The picture of a breakfast served in first class of a flight between Africa and Europe surprised the virtual community and generated a wave of repudiation. The controversy ended with the airline apologizing for what happened. “This clearly does not meet our usual high standards,” they said from the aeronautical company.

It all started last Thursday, when a journalist shared through your twitter account a photo of the unfortunate dish. “First class breakfast with British Airways. Anything to say?” wrote in the publication that was accompanied by the image in which a breakfast is seen that includes a burnt sausage, something that looks like a hamburger, mushrooms and accompaniments difficult to identify.

The tweet generated a wave of repudiationTwitter @ladyjaney75

The tweet did not go unnoticed and quickly exceeded 2700 likes. In addition, it accumulated more than 5,800 comments from users who did not miss the opportunity to complain about the service and warn about how repulsive the food looks. “A sausage is fine. Baked potato is weird for breakfast, but I’d eat it. Mushrooms aren’t to everyone’s taste, but hey… Now, what are the other two things on the plate? They don’t seem to belong in the food category!”, wrote one person, while another considered: “I wouldn’t even touch that sausage. She looks dirty”.

For his part, another tweeter asserted: “There is nothing first class about that. There are three things that are almost unidentifiable. It must be an egg, because it’s breakfast, but it looks like potato salad. What are those yellow things? And what about brown? That’s not a black flan, what is it? I think it’s tomato, but is burned”. A user did not give more thought to the matter and was blunt: “It looks gross.”

Even one person was encouraged to joke about it: “I’ve been thinking about this and my advice is to eat the mushrooms first in the hope that they are hallucinogenic and let the rest look edible.” While another ironized: “I would declare this to Customs as a hate crime.”

From the airline they came out to apologize for what happened
From the airline they came out to apologize for what happenedTHE NATION

According to the journalist who made the photo viral Daily Mail, the image had been sent to him by a friend, and the meal was served on a flight between Abuja and London. It is estimated that a passage between the Nigerian capital and the English costs more than $7,800. “He only shared it because he was very upset, but I didn’t expect it to go viral”, clarified the communicator. In turn, she said that they were still trying to figure out what had been served to their friend.

From British Airways they had to apologize for food and in dialogue with the British media, a spokesman for the airline explained: “We are talking to our third-party caterers to understand what happened heresince this clearly does not meet our usual high standards”. In turn, they completed: “We are sorry to have disappointed our customers on this occasion.”

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