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On the first day of his official tour of Europe, President Alberto Fernandez gave an interview to The country of Spain in which he left several definitions on the current political situation in Argentina and his vision of the internal tensions with its vice president Cristina Kirchner.

assured that he has “a different look” of which the former president has, he said that the internal debate does not bother him but that it does “Obstructing the Government is concerned”and denied a possible departure of Martín Guzmán from the Ministry of Economy: “It was never questioned”said.

On his first day of official visit, Alberto Fernández met with the President of Spain, Pedro Sánchez.

Ten definitions left by the interview with Alberto Fernández in Madrid

  • “When someone says that our voters may be disappointed in us, I think our voters are aware that we had to face a pandemic with a health system broken by Macri, and we did quite well. We achieved one of the highest immunity in the world Our voter, who lives that reality, understands the difficulties”
  • “I think that (Cristina’s) is a partial, absolutely economic view, which neglects everything that we had to go through in between. We live in a pandemic, a tragedy that humanity lives from time to time, which has taken 6 million of lives in the world, more than 100,000 Argentines. And yet, we managed to ensure that no Argentine was left without the medical care they needed”
  • “I have enormous respect for Cristina. She represents something significant in history, and in the present she is the leader of an important space. But there are things in which I do not share her view. I have also been publicly critical of her management of the government. Everything the world knows that I have a different look. I respect what he says, but I ask that you respect what I say”
  • “I am not thinking about 2023. I am thinking about what I can do so that this war ends this war. By 2023 there is a long time to go. In Argentina the clock is ticking differently”
  • “The president of the nation is the one who rules in Argentina. Since 2019 they said that I would be a puppet of hers. But the truth is that I make the decisions. That does not mean that I do not listen to Cristina, that I despise her opinion. But the I make the decision”
  • On the role of Martín Guzmán as Minister of Economy and if he could leave his function: “It was never questioned. Martín is the minister who dealt with private debts and with the IMF, who made us grow by 10.3%, who lowered unemployment from 13% to 7%”.
  • “I don’t think that in Argentina anyone is seriously thinking about a destabilization process after everything we have experienced. That is also an intellectual creation of many media outlets. Governments are not owned by anyone, they belong to the people. I am a president , who follows orders from a principal who is the people. Not only those who voted for me, everyone “
  • Javier Milei “is a kind of right-wing anarchy, the new version of the cruelest liberalism. He says he denies the State, but what he does is sustain the status quo of the powerful”
  • “Argentina, with the amount it has and plans to have, is going to be one of the most important energy suppliers in the world. That can solve the problem of dollars. We have 10 very good years ahead of us. But we have to do it well. Nobody can living with a permanent deficit. That must be corrected”
  • “Cristina will probably be more convinced of what she did in her time in government. I respect her. It’s fine. I’m not worried about the debate, I’m worried about the obstruction of the government, it’s that sometimes the voices become so high-sounding that they don’t stop See reality”.

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