He took a taxi from Buenos Aires to Rosario, got out to look for money and never came back

A court clerk who took a taxi from Buenos Aires to Rosario and refused to pay 41,200 pesos that cost the journey of about 300 kilometers was delayed by that attitude adopted.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, when a driver from the Buenos Aires company CityTax picked up a passenger at the Retirement Terminal around 2:00. The man indicated to the taxi driver that he was heading to the Rosario Courts of Pellegrini and Balcarce.

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The taxi driver reported that they arrived at the destination around 5:00. The court clerk told the driver to wait for him a moment while he was going to look for money to pay the total of the trip.

However, time passed and the passenger never came backso the 42-year-old taxi driver made the decision to Enter Courts to try to find the fugitive passenger.

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They found the fugitive employee in the Courts of Rosario

At the building, he contacted the police and told them what had happened. The officers began to search the place for the debtor, who was finally found in the archives section of the place.

The man, identified as Gonzalo O., 30 years old, lives in the city of Funes, within the Gran Rosario. Furthermore, it was known that works in Courts, where the trip ended. Finally, he was transferred to the 2nd branch, where he remained delayed for not paying for the trip.


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