The assailant was hospitalized and in police custody.

A attempted femicide it was the one suffered by a woman at the hands of his ex-partner in the town of San Fernandoprovince of Buenos Aires, the Last Sunday. The victim received the attack when he went to get his things from the house he shared with the man.

The assailant was hospitalized and in police custody.

Thanks to the With the help of her neighbors, who managed to hold the attacker after hitting them, the woman managed to escape from the aggressor, her ex-partner, who tried to kill her.

How did the attempted murder take place?

The man, Luis Alberto Gómez, 37, stabbed the woman, Gabriela Núpez, 31, and then tried to take his own the moment when she went to remove the things from the house that they shared when they were together.

“If you’re not going to be with me, you’re not going to be with anyone”were the threatening words of the man, seconds before attacking her stabbed in the back.

Then, Gómez wanted to commit suicide, trying to stick the knife in his own chestbut he did not achieve his goal and managed to survive. He was hospitalized and detained.

Notably Gabriela Nupez told investigators that I had already noticed certain attitudes of violence by Luis Alberto Gómez. Reason for which she had chosen to break the relationship with him, and there she told him that she would return to her house in Lomas de Zamora, along with her ex-husband and her children.

“She was able to tell had been a victim of violence by Gómez and that as a result of that situation, on some occasion, he went to attend the hospital, although he clarified that did not dare to make the criminal complaint”, was the comment made by a judicial source to Telam.

The details of the attempted femicide show that around 2:30 p.m. last Sunday, the woman went to Gómez’s houselocated on Entre Ríos street at 1,400, with the fixed objective of removing his things.

At that moment, the future aggressor tried to convince her to stay and resume the relationship, an action that Gabriela rejected, starting an argument between them.

Then, Gomez went to the kitchen and came back with a knife.but the woman did not get to see the knife. Afterwards, he hugged her and told her the fateful phrase: “If you are not going to be with me, you are not going to be with anyone”. Then he stabbed her in the back.

Gabriela managed to get away, but she was injured and very bloody, and she ran out of the house to ask the neighbors for help. Immediately, several of them approached the place and held Gómez with blows.then call the police. It should be noted that the attacker tried to flee by bicycle.

Behind the arrival of the security forcesThey found Gómez lying on the bed with the knife next to him. Y in their presence, he began to stab himself in the chest, near the heart.

The woman was transferred to the Petrona V. Cordero hospital in San Fernando. The aggressor was also taken to the same health institution. Notably Gabriela is out of danger, with injuries to his left shoulder blade. While Gómez is in a serious state of health, in intensive care and also has police custody.

The Petrona V. de Cordero hospital, in San Fernando, where the victim and her aggressor were referred.

The Petrona V. de Cordero hospital, in San Fernando, where the victim and her aggressor were referred. (TN /)

The case was left in the hands of the prosecutor Karina Bianchi, the head of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) that specializes in Gender Violence in the town of San Fernando.

It is expected that Gómez is charged with the crime of “attempted femicide”for which a penalty of between 10 to 15 years in prison.

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