"He wants to create a smoke screen," accuse the Villarreal brothers after Trejo's complaint

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.- Brothers Luis Alberto Y Ricardo Villarreal Garcia they turned it over to the mayor of San Miguel de Allende, Mauricio Trejo Pureco pointing out that he is the one linked to the process for a crime.

“We are facing another attempt to create confusion and distract the attention of citizens, in the face of the personal legal and political situation facing the Municipal President of San Miguel de Allende.

“Mr. Trejo is today linked to proceedings in the Third Criminal Chamber for the crime of embezzlement committed against the Municipality of San Miguel de Allende. This is just one more accusation, of the 16 processes for corruption that he currently faces, ”replied the former mayor. Luis Alberto Villarreal it’s a statement.

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The panista defeated by Trejo Pureco in the 2021 campaign, he said that the accusations that he recklessly, fancifully and opportunistically wields are “false.” Trejo Pureco against my government. The accounts are settled and without problem.

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As soon as he becomes aware, he said, he will legally respond to the accusations.

“The people of San Miguel do not deserve to be used as cannon fodder by the Mayor Trejo. The truth is public and in the accusations of this ‘linked’ and ‘racket’ character, they only confirm the perverse political intention that he pursues”, he quoted.

He indicated that -at the time- he was acquitted of other “slanderous” accusations by authorities such as the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) and the FGR.

We are not the same: Ricardo

Ricardo Villarrealmajority federal deputy for district 02, to whom the complaint filed by the government of Mauricio Trejo accuses of corruption regarding a contract for $14 million 848 thousand pesos for the development of the Center for Security Intelligence (CIS)replied the following through their social networks:

“All the purchases I made were from existing companies, under the corresponding administrative procedures, I built one of the most modern C4s in the country, with the best technology, today we are the Municipality with the most cameras per capita in the state, none purchased by Trejo”.

He added that he ceased to be Mayor in 2018 (October 9) and his government was audited by both the State and the Federation and there were no observations.

“We are not the same,” he quoted today President of the National Defense Commission.

And he accused that, coincidentally, the attack of the The mayor “It comes after on May 31 the Third Criminal Chamber of the STJE (Supreme Court of Justice of the State) linked him to criminal proceedings for embezzlement, he wants to create a smoke screen, he is desperate. And he uploaded the copy of the resolution that proves it.

Trejo goes against former Magistrate

About this criminal process for the crime of embezzlement (for 779 thousand pesos for an alleged payment to “aviators” during his previous term as Mayor 2012-2015), he was asked this Monday to Trejo Pureco and he said that it is a matter for his lawyers.

And he went against the ex-magistrate Alfonso Fragoso Gutierrezwho in February of last year (before starting the campaign) reversed the decision of a judge and linked him.

“He is going to face a complaint for non-pecuniary damage, all in due time,” he concluded. Trejo.

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