A passenger tweeted after the crash between a plane and fire truck: "when life gives you a second chance"  (Photo: Twitter/Enrique Varsi-Rospigliosi)
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Two people died and another was injured this Friday as a result of a Collision between a Latam plane and a fire truck at the Jorge Chávez International Airport, in Lima, Peru.

In the midst of the stupor over the images that circulated of the accident, where I could see the impact of the aircraft against the fire engine and the fire that broke out, The message from one of the passengers went viral.

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When life gives you a second chance”, wrote Enrique Varsi-Rospigliosi, who was flying on the Latam plane that went from Lima to the city of Juliaca. In the image you can see it on the runway, recently evacuated and with the crashed plane in the background. The tweet had more than 120,000 likes and was retweeted more than 9,000 times.

Varsi-Rospigliosi is a recognized lawyer in the field of Law in Peru. Currently, he is a professor at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Lima and has published numerous books on the subject. In addition, he is a speaker at national and international academic events.

A passenger tweeted after the crash between a plane and a fire truck: “when life gives you a second chance” (Photo: Twitter/Enrique Varsi-Rospigliosi)

The main hypothesis holds that the aircraft suffered a engine fire and collided with a vehicle on the runway. With the passing of the hours, the two firefighters killed and one injured that they were inside the truck with which the plane collided.

Since Latam They reported that the accident occurred at the time the plane was taxiing on takeoff (and not on landing as the company that operates at the Peruvian airport said).

A plane collided with a truck at the Lima airport.

According to the security personnel who attended the scene, the emergency occurred at 3:25 p.m. (local time) and four rescue units were mobilized. As reported by the head of the Lima Fire Department, Mario Casaretto, “It was an emergency on the runway, and there are four displaced units.” “We don’t know technically what has happened in this apparent aircraft technical failureWe await subsequent reports,” he added.

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“There has been an accident on the Jorge Chávez airstrip. Our teams are providing the necessary care to all passengers, and we are also investigating to determine the causes of the event,” reported the airport operating company in Peru, through its official account on Twitter. Later, confirmed the deaths through a statement.

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