He was shot in the subway and charged

A federal jury has indicted the man, who is suspected of being shot dead in a New York subway train last month – injuring ten people and shaking the city, where the number of violent crimes is rising anyway.

Terrorism is the charge

The panel charged Frank James, 62, on Friday with a terrorist attack or other act of violence against public transport.

Both indictments can be sentenced to a maximum of life imprisonment. There is a mandatory minimum penalty of 10 years for the use of weapons. The accused was arrested on April 13, about 30 hours after authorities on Tuesday morning, April 12, brought smoke bombs by car from Philadelphia to the Brooklyn subway station, where he fired dozens of shots at a subway train full of morning commuters as it stopped. .

Those between the ages of 16 and 60 were injured in the shooting, and they are all expected to recover.

Authorities said Frank James’ credit card, cell phone, and the key to a van he rented were found at the scene of the shooting. Police also said the gun used in the shooting had been found and taken back to James. Politico.

In the TikTok and Youtube videos, the perpetrator complained about his health

At the time of his arrest, the lawyer representing Frank James warned against making a hasty judgment and noted that the perpetrator had notified police of his whereabouts. James was arrested in Manhattan’s East Village after announcing by phone that he was staying at a fast food restaurant in the neighborhood.

The motive for the attack is still unclear. In several of his speeches uploaded to YouTube, he commented on people from different backgrounds, insulted New York Mayor Eric Adams, and complained about the mental health care he received in the city years ago.

He probably wanted to criticize the shooting action, which he protested against the problems he raised, the newspaper noted.

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