Health also adds to Black Friday
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How to save up to 20% per month on health insurance? This is the last opportunity of the year to take advantage of an event of these characteristics and that people have different alternatives to save on health. It is not common to find discounts in the field of insurance, however, decided to join Black Friday to help people discover discounts that allow them to save on health.

This October 25, the platform joins Black Friday to include discounts on complementary, catastrophic, dental, oncological, and even pet health insurance on its website.

After the pandemic, the need to obtain health insurance became one of the fundamental needs of consumption. No one was prepared for such an extensive pandemic and it is not known when there could be another. Good health insurance can make a difference when facing a medical problem. An illness, accident or complication can seriously affect the financial security of a home if you do not have the resources to finance the necessary procedures in that area. is a web platform that allows people to quote, compare and hire isapre plans and health insurance online and free of charge.

“Understanding the world of health insurance can be difficult. Our mission is to facilitate this task so that anyone can have the opportunity to effectively quote a plan that suits their pocket and needs,” he says. Ryan Kerr co-founder of the platform.

And adds, “We believe that events like BlackFriday open up an opportunity for many people to find coverage alternatives that, in other instances, would not be available at the same price. It is the last big event to save this year,” says the executive.

Discounts include everything from supplemental and catastrophic insurance to dental insurance. There are even health plans for dogs and cats. To take advantage of all these offers, people must enter this November 25, where they will have the opportunity to contract health insurance easily, safely and with personalized advice.

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