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Health and nutrition: the importance of the relationship with nature

Health and nutrition: the importance of the relationship with nature

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“We found that people with a stronger relationship with nature were more likely to report healthy dietary intake, including greater dietary variety and higher consumption of fruit and vegetables.”explained Milliron, an associate professor in the Drexel College of Nursing and Health Professions. And he added that the relationship with nature is associated with “a higher level of care for the environment”.

From a survey of more than 300 adults in Philadelphia (United States) between May and August 2017, the “self-declared connection” of individuals with nature, along with the food and drinks that they had consumed the previous day to Assess your dietary diversity. The results evidenced that the participants with a greater connection with nature reported a more varied diet and ate more fruits and vegetables.

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“This work can impact health promotion practices in two ways”Milliron said, “First, nature-based health promotion interventions can increase relationship with nature throughout life and potentially improve dietary intake“.

Second, he continued, “increasing dietary interventions with nature-based activities may lead to further improvements in diet quality”.

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In addition, the research team added that the findings highlight the potential for take advantage of nature-based experiences or interventionssuch as the incorporation of green areas or the urban greening in city planningamong other topics.


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On the other hand, the researchers noted that while improving dietary intake through nature-based interventions can be valuable, it is also complex.

dane wardco-author of the study, said future studies “must include how the intersections of environment, culture, race, history (including connection to the land), social cohesion, and other social and economic factors influence community identity in relation to nature and food intake“.

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