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The Ministry of Public Health reported this Wednesday that, for a year, various sectors of the Health Area IV are combating sporadic outbreaks of Bedbugs.

The information was supplied by Dr. Jesus Suardihead of this demarcation, which covers 18.5 square kilometers with a population of 498 thousand inhabitants.

“In recent times there has been an outbreak of coronavirus in the area. Bedbugs. We are fighting it with fumigation”, specified the doctor.

According to Suardí, the outbreak began in the sector The swamp in Easter 2021.

Health personnel in the area are carrying out interventions in a generic way in neighboring sectors such as Villa Maria, Simon Bolivar, Gualey and La Zurza and in a particular way, when one of the community leaders gives them the warning voice.

“We are intervening in all the neighborhoods, every day,” emphasized the Area Director.

Suardí clarified that, although the first complaint was received more than a year ago, the outbreak of Bedbugs It has not been continuous, but they periodically reappear.

The Bedbugs they are apple-seed-sized parasites that feed on the blood of mammals. They usually hide during the day in beds, furniture, clothes, carpets and curtains and come out at night in search of food. They can cause itching and burning.

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Dr. Suardí called to maintain hygiene in the house, wash the sheets and clothes with hot water and fumigate if necessary.

For his part, the Deputy Minister of Collective Health, Eladio Pérez, praised the contribution of the community towards epidemiological surveillance by providing the information so that Public Health can make the proper interventions.

“These outbreaks, it should be noted that they are not complete sectors, they are isolated points,” said the deputy minister.

Regarding dengue, Dr. Suardí said that it is under control. “We had 39 cases but they have already been disappearing,” he said.


Dr. Suardí (far right) offered the statements. (FREE DIARY)

In it Health Area IV To date, 490,053 have been inoculated with at least one dose against Covid-19 and 15,323 detection tests have been carried out, including antigenic and PCR.

The Covid tests They continue to be held from Monday to Monday until 12:00 noon.

The promoters of the area continue with the days of house to house vaccination, applying between 40 and 50 daily doses. Suardí acknowledged that there has been a decrease in this regard.

To date, they record 8,000 children aged one to five years vaccinated against measles and rubella.

“This vaccination, fumigation and decacharrización is what has allowed us to have a little control in viral and vector diseases due to zoonoses”, Suardí said.

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