The claim initiated in Río Cuarto.
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In the midst of a heated climate, the Government of Córdoba reached this Friday a agreement with the doctors on duty at the San Antonio de Padua Hospital, in Río Cuarto. The lawyer for the health professionals at that hospital, Cecilia Debandi, assured that “they all the goals set”.

The conflict that had been going on for more than two years took on great dimensions when 13 workers from the hospital presented their resignation. They were supported by the salary gap and the lack of critical human resources to work.

The claim initiated in Río Cuarto. (Tomas Fragueiro/)

With the agreement reached in the last few hours, the resignations will be canceled in those cases where professionals want to rejoin. “The procedures are underway to nullify resignationsDebandi said. Although Jorge Moyano, an employee of the hospital, assured him The voice that “seven of the workers who submitted their resignation decided not to reinstate themselves.”

One by one, the claims of the Guardia doctors in Río Cuarto

Regarding this conflict, lawyer Debandi remarked that the most important thing was the 13 positions and recognition of critical human resources.

  The health personnel of all the provincial hospitals of the city of Córdoba carried out a 24-hour strike.

The health personnel of all the provincial hospitals of the city of Córdoba carried out a 24-hour strike. (Tomas Fragueiro/)

Faced with this situation, the lawyer explained that the Government He also promised the recomposition in those seven empty boxes. Below, one by one, the objectives achieved by the workers of San Antonio de Padua:

  • reinstatement of the doctors and doctors who had resigned.
  • Additional remunerative of 70,000 pesos.
  • Appointment of 13 charges new requested.
  • stretcher bearers 24 hours every day.
  • beds and meals worthy in the Guard.
  • Higher police presence in shockroom units.
  • bathrooms and changing rooms for staff.
  • Promise to recognize before the end of the year the special work of the Emergency Service in terms of the tasks of Intermediate Care performed.

The problem of residents in Córdoba

When asked about the situation in the sector of the residents, Debandi reflected and assured that the same thing happens as in the rest of the province and the country. “There are fewer residents who decide to do their internships in the public area”, he stated.

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