Heat overwhelms Guanajuato and water is scarce in dams

Leon, Guanajuato.- the intense heat registered in all Guanajuato generates that aguajes and bordes dry upand that prey level drops considerably.

The season from rainy officially starts the 15 th of Maybut according to the forecasts of the National Water Commission, they could have a delay, which is why they ask to take care of the water.

This year, to face the dry season, there are more reserves than last year in the main dams. There are 1 thousand 110 million cubic meters, and in 2021, for these same dates there were 968 million cubic meters.

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In general, the average of the levels of the prey this year is 61.39%while in 2021 it was 53.52%.

The State Water Commission (CEA) informs that practically so far this month there have been no rains, only some isolated showers; the accumulated rainfall so far this year is just 9.61 mm (liters per square meter), it is minimal if we compare that the annual average in the entity is 650 mm.

Guanajuato burns under the sun and in the shade

The average annual temperature in the entity is 30°C, however this year there are already records of 37°C in the shade.

The director of Rural Development in León, Roberto Palomares Torres, pointed out that of the more than 1,200 boards that exist in rural communities, at least 60% are already dry, and the rest have very few reserves, so a plan to support the field through pipes is already being programmed.

The director of Sapal in Leon, Enrique de Haro Maldonadoasked the population take care of the water and recycle it in green areas.

Dam levels in Guanajuato

  • El Palote Dam, Leon: 52%
  • La Soledad, Guanajuato: 23%
  • Penuelitas, Dolores Hidalgo: 69%
  • La Purisima, Guanajuato: 74%
  • La Allende, San Miguel Allende: 60%
  • Yuriria Lake, Yuriria: 45%
  • Solís Dam, Acámbaro: 78%
  • La Golondrina, Penjamo: 38%
  • San Antonio, Abasolo: 31%

(Source: Conagua)


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