Heavy sentences imposed on opponents accused of attempted attack on Nicolás Maduro

Terrorism, criminal association, attempted homicide, treason… The list of charges against former deputy Juan Requesens and 16 other people for having participated in an attempted explosive drone attack against Nicolás Maduro, in Venezuela, in 2018 is as long as your arm.

And if the former figurehead of the protests that rocked the country in 2014 gets away with eight years in prison for conspiracy, this is not the case for some of the defendants, who receive sentences of up to thirty years behind bars.

While the veracity of the attempted attack, which was debated for a time, now seems proven, the trial that led to the convictions of Thursday August 4 is debated and is tainted by accusations of confessions obtained under the torture and judicial arrangements.

Based on a UN report, The media RunRun denounces for example the fact that,

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