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6/17/2017 20:59

The government will maintain a food and petrol stop until October, and the credit moratorium and interest rate stop will remain in place until the end of the year, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on his community afternoon on Thursday afternoon. The government decree on this was published in the Hungarian Gazette on Friday evening, June 17th.

The government has extended the food and petrol stop until October 1, 2022, and will extend the credit moratorium and interest rate stop until December 31, 2022, the Hungarian prime minister announced on Facebook on Thursday.

A prime minister’s announcement was received on 12 January that more food prices should be brought back to the level they stood on October 15 last year. The details were revealed in the Hungarian Gazette published on January 14; the official products listed in the annex to the government decree published at that time are as follows:

  • granulated sugar (white sugar);
  • wheat flour BL 55;
  • refined sunflower cooking oil;
  • Legs of domestic swine (including those on the bone, skin, fillet, cut, sliced ​​or minced, whether or not put up as a prepackage, fresh, chilled or frozen);
  • Chicken breasts, loins and forequarters (including bone, skin, fillet, cut, sliced ​​or ground, whether or not in pre-packaged form, fresh, chilled or frozen);
  • Cow ‘s milk, of a fat content, by weight, of 2,8% or more, heat – treated.

Released today, June 17th In the Hungarian Gazette it can be read that according to Thursday’s announcement, the details of the extended price stop have changed – in the government decree on the regulation of both the food price stop and the fuel price stop – according to the “2022. 1 July ” the text “2022. October 1 ” amended to.

After a government meeting last December, Viktor Orbán announced that interest rates on retail mortgages would be fixed at the end of October. The measure entered into force in early January 2022; The interest rate cut was later extended to mortgage finance leases in addition to mortgage loans. The government has extended the credit moratorium for those in need until June 30, 2022 – according to today’s government decree signed by Viktor Orbán, this will be extended to December 31, 2022.

Last November, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, announced at the Government Info that the fuel price would be fixed at HUF 480 per liter from 15 November. Before Christmas last year, on December 23 – also on his Facebook page – Viktor Orbán announced that in 2022 (it turned out from the relevant decree that from February 1, 2022 to May 31, 2022) we can already pay for food with a SZÉP card. .

Official fastener

  • The prices of six foods (crystal sugar, wheat flour, sunflower cooking oil, pork leg, chicken breast, 2.8 percent cow’s milk price freeze) were frozen on January 12 to the level of October 15 last year. According to the government’s decision, the decree will be in force until October 1, 2022.
  • Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, announced in the Government Info last November that a ceiling of HUF 480 per liter would be fixed. the fuel price from November 15th. Only cars with Hungarian license plates can be refueled at official prices, but there are exceptions to the detailed rules we wrote here. This government decision is effective until October 1, 2022.
  • On December 22, interest rates on mortgage loans were fixed at the level of the end of October. The measure entered into force in early January, first extended until 30 June, and finally until 31 December 2022.
  • Assessing the difficulties arising from the economic environment, the rise in the price of loans and inflation, the credit moratorium was also extended until 31 December 2022. Roughly 1.2 million retail customers still have deferred payments on about 1.8 million loan agreements.
  • They continue to support the overhead costs of almost 100,000 micro-enterprises – the Ministry of Technology and Industry (TIM) announced this on Friday night, the details of which were also published in the Hungarian Gazette. According to this, whoever consumes more than the specified quantity pays more – we have written about the details here.

(Cover image: Information board about the food stop at the entrance of the Príma store in the capital’s Corvin Plaza on February 1, 2022. Photo: Zoltán Balogh / MTI)

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