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From the point of view of the German government, the Tesla factory in Grünheide is a success. After just over two years of construction, the “Gigafactory” was inaugurated with fanfare last March. The fact that the American brand of electric cars has chosen precisely this Brandenburg town of 9,000 souls, 50 kilometers from Berlin, to set up its first European factory is a godsend. Doubled by a feat, since the project was not crushed by the cogs of the German bureaucracy. The movement of reptiles [qui se trouvaient sur le site]deforestation of the area, structural work, acceptance of the plant: everything went like clockwork.

Until September 14. That day, news from the United States was coldly received by Germany. Tesla froze its second project in Grünheide, a major battery factory, revealed The Wall Street Journal. Rather than putting balls across the Rhine, Tesla boss Elon Musk now intended to refocus his investments in the United States. In question, the tax advantages put in place for this purpose by President Joe Biden. Tesla would have assured its German partners that, if the priorities of the group have momentarily changed, the battery factory will eventually be done. Nevertheless, the Germans were “not amused”.

“Made in America” batteries

The war in Ukraine, the Chinese threats against Taiwan, the energy crisis, inflation – as if the economic situation had not deteriorated enough in recent months, the series of legislative measures launched by the American government, dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act, adds a new shadow to the picture.

Biden aims to reduce U.S. dependence on imports — even at the expense of close partners like Germany. Rarely have the president’s ambitions been spelled out as clearly as in his August 14 tweet: “Imagine a world where people lift the hood of their car and see ‘made In America’ etched into the battery.” This is precisely what the Inflation Reduction Act will do. [qui prévoit près de 430 milliards de dollars de dépenses sur dix ans]ignited Biden after the adoption of the text by Congress.

German industry is already investing heavily in the United States. BMW has just announced its plan to expand its plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in the coming years, for a budget of 1.6 billion euros. The Munich manufacturer plans to manufacture six new electric models there. And the German chemical group Evonik has just inaugurated, at the beginning of September, a

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