Daan Croonenberghs (l) will duel with visitor Xander Morren.
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Football 1st provincial KFC Herent – HO Veltem 1-1

Daan Croonenberghs (l) will duel with visitor Xander Morren. © gmd


Herent and Veltem played a 1-1 draw in the atmospheric derby, despite chilly temperatures. Given their battle for preservation, both teams get very little with it. Afterwards there were a few disappointed faces to be seen.

Stefan Van de Weyer

Herent took the lead after the hour, with fifteen minutes to go the visitors were awarded a penalty.

“I felt like we were the better team the whole game, although it certainly wasn’t our best game. We started very strong, but we didn’t score. After that we were a bit less, but it felt like we had the game in our hands. After we had scored, a few minutes later we conceded a penalty, whether justified or not”, said goalscorer Ernest Neukermans. “That was very frustrating. I don’t think it was a hand game and therefore an unjust decision, but nothing can be done about it. We will remember the good things about the match and will fully compete again next week at training and match.”

Also in cup against each other

The visiting captain and defender Lode Van den Branden was also not completely satisfied.

“Based on the game, it is a justified result, but we came for the three points so that the disappointment was present,” said Van den Branden. “We came up with a plan, but we didn’t execute it well. In possession we had a lot of waste in our game. The stakes were there, and if you can’t win, it’s a good thing you don’t lose. We’re not making much progress on that point, though. A lot of people had come to watch, which brought something extra”, the strongman looked back. “I played two games in a different position defensively, that is an adjustment. It went well. The second leg will be very important for both teams anyway. The fact that we were drawn against them in the quarterfinals of the Flemish Brabant Cup makes it more fun.”

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