Username and Riot ID are different things

Valorant, like every online game, works with a special name linked to your account. This Name appears for those who play with you, making it easy to add as a friend and find for future matches. In this article we will teach you what exactly this name is and how to change it!

Understand Riot ID

Riot, developer of Valorantdecided to unify the names of the players of its different titles under a single name, which is the Riot ID (Riot identification). That is, if you want to change your name in the game, it is necessary to change the ID, so it is changed in all other company games as well. It just doesn’t apply to League of Legends (LoL), that uses a unique Summoner name.

Username and Riot ID are different thingsSource: Riot Games

It is also important to understand that the “username” and Riot ID differ and do not need to be the same. The Riot ID, as explained, is your in-game name, which your friends use to find and add you. The “username” is your personal access to your Riot account, and you can’t change it — nor is it advisable to pass it on to others.

How do I change the Riot ID?

To change your Riot ID and, consequently, your name on Valorant and in other games you must:

  1. access the Riot website and log into your account with your username and password.
  2. From the Account Management menu (on the left), choose the Riot ID option.
  3. Just put the name you want in the window that appears and save the changes. You can also put a tagline, a sequence of numbers that separates your Riot ID from others that might be the same.

Your Riot ID can be accompanied by numbers to make it uniqueYour Riot ID can be accompanied by numbers to make it uniqueSource: Riot

That’s it! After this process, when you log into Valorant your new name should already appear. Remember that it is not allowed to use special characters (such as accents and punctuation), nor offensive words.

IMPORTANT: You can only change your Riot ID every 30 days, so think carefully before clicking “save changes”.

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