Hernán Bernardello's goodbye to Belgrano, with a critical look.
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Everything indicated that he was going to stay in Belgrano, because his vocation was to continue and there was a principle of agreement with the club. But in the week it became official that Hernán Bernardello will not continue in the squad in First Division and said goodbye of fans with a post on social media and an evening critical of the leadership, because of the way it was communicated.

With 36 years old, was part of the squad that he achieved promotion with a historic campaign. He wasn’t a starter or played as much, but he contributed from his experience in the locker room. And beyond the surprise, because as he first clarified they had told him that he was going to continue, he showed his affection by the institution.

Hernán Bernardello’s goodbye to Belgrano, with a critical look. (Twitter @jdanibarcel/)

The publication on Instagram had a wide impact, with countless comments. The first of Pablo Vegetti, his friend. “I love you brother forever”wrote the striker, whose continuity in Belgrano has not yet been confirmed.


“It is time to say goodbye and say thank you. At first they told me that I was going to continue but yesterday the board of directors made the decision that they were not going to count on me”.

“Sad for the situation because my wish was to continue at the club and for the way they chose to tell me that they were not renewing me, footballers are people before. I always choose clear and sincere communication, as the basis of the professionalism with which I work and live”.

“I only have to thank and I hope I don’t forget anyone To all my colleagues who made me spend an unforgettable year in every way. With great respect and unity we went in search of a dream and we were able to fulfill it. We are champions”

“To all the assistants who work at the club and who are always with a smile and pushing forward, the props (I love you very much Chicho, Pato, Huguito and Chaco), all the medical staff (Pela and Mati) and absolutely all the people who work for Belgrano and give their lives for the club”.

Thank the previous commission for having trusted me and giving me the opportunity to come to represent such a big club. And also to the current commission”.

“To the Belgrano fan (what a beautiful madness they have!!) Always thank them, never lose that fidelity!! Today wherever they are they have one more fan, know that I will miss them a lot.”

“Thank you for so much Cordovan Pirate.”

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