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He’s supposed to play Fidel Castro, but many don’t like that at all

Actor James Franco (44, right) is to play Fidel Castro († 90).

A film is dedicated to Fidel Castro’s daughter († 90). But the still young project is suddenly exposed to a huge shitstorm.

Los Angeles – “Alina of Cuba”: Fidel Castro (†90) Daughter becomes one of her own Movie dedicated. But the still young project is suddenly exposed to a huge shitstorm after it became known who will play the former Cuban head of government: actor James Franco (44).

Actor James Franco (44, right) is to play Fidel Castro († 90). © Photomontage: 123RF/emkaplin, dpa/Vianney Le Caer

The industry portal reported on Thursday deadline that Franco (“127 Hours”, “Why Him?”) will play the role of the dictatorial communist. The Argentine actress Mía Maestro (44) will therefore take over the role of Alina’s mother Natalia Revuelta.

Alina herself will be played by Ana Villafañe (33), as announced in March. The Spaniard Miguel Bardem, cousin of Oscar winner Javier Bardem (53), will take the director’s chair.

But why the fuss now? There were several reasons for this: Firstly, Franco is a white American, Castro was known to be Cuban – the film is therefore accused of “whitewashing”.

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These are casting decisions that have been loudly criticized in recent years, as a result of which many major roles in Hollywood have been filled with actors of white skin color, although the characters should actually belong to other ethnic groups.

At this point, however, it must be mentioned that Castro was the child of Spanish immigrants and Franco has at least Portuguese roots. There is also a certain resemblance between the two.

Many film fans would obviously have been more happy about a Cuban or at least Latin American actor.

But that wasn’t even the biggest criticism of the Franco casting…

For many, even worse was the fact that the actor had been repeatedly accused of sexual assault. “Didn’t he ask a minor for nude photos,” a user recalled on Twitter.

“Hey this mid-talented white man accused of multiple sexual assaults gets another chance,” wrote another. One comment even asked (somewhat ironically): “Who plays Che Guevara, Kevin Spacey?”

James Franco, who admitted at the end of 2021 to have been a sex addict, always protested his innocence and has not been convicted to this day. However, he paid $2.2 million last year to have a lawsuit settled.

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