Deputy Mayor of Prague Petr Hlubuček (STAN) is being taken away in handcuffs.

“Given the seriousness and scope of the whole case, we decided to dismiss DPP board member Matej Augustín, who was the United States nominee for Prague (TOP 09 and STAN). I spoke to him and he is not in the Czech Republic, which he refuses to return to. I do not tolerate behaviors and cases in any way and are the reason why I filed a criminal complaint two years ago, “Scheinherr said.

The Supervisory Board also dealt with other members of the Board of Directors, who are awaiting the results of interrogations and official statements by the police. The composition of the Supervisory Board is decided by the City Council, which represents the shareholders who are the transport company. It is not yet clear who will take up the vacancies after Hlubuček and Zdeněk. According to Scheinherr, it is not necessary to elect new members immediately and this will be the subject of further negotiations.

On Wednesday, Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) called on Hlubučka to resign from the city leadership and subsequently said that the Pirates will initiate his dismissal from the position of Deputy Mayor at the Thursday council. If this happens, Hlubuček will remain an ordinary representative. He cannot be deprived of the mandate of a representative by law and can only resign himself.

Hlubuček’s resignation is also demanded by the election leader of the STAN movement in Prague, Deputy Mayor Petr Hlaváček (United Forces for Prague).

Criminal investigators at the town hall and at the DPP headquarters in Vysočany have been intervening since Wednesday morning and have also been in Hlubuček’s office. Hlubuček’s membership was suspended by the STAN movement on Wednesday evening. The movement’s leadership also called on him to resign as deputy mayor and other positions in which he represented the STAN movement.

Deputy Mayor of Prague Petr Hlubuček (STAN) is being taken away in handcuffs.

Photo: Vít Hassan

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