Holiday of November 21: do you pay double?
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In this way, the long weekend will be from the Saturday 19, Sunday 20 and Monday 21 Novemberas established by the Law 27,399 establishment of holidays and long weekends. In order to be able to do some escape and enjoy more days of break.


Why is November 20 a holiday?

The National Sovereignty Day commemorates the Battle of the Vuelta de Obligado of 1845in which Argentine soldiers repelled the invasion of the Anglo-French Army what did he want colonize the territories of the country.

Return of Forced.jpg

What if I work on a holiday?

In the event that a person works on a holiday, they will receive that day like any other, to which a bonus in money will be added or they will be granted compensatory days, as established by the collective bargaining agreement or the agreement with their employer.

In some cases, workers can be paid double or triple what a normal business day would be.

Immovable holidays 2022

  • December 8 (Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary).
  • December 25th (Christmas).

Remaining long weekends

  • From Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 December.

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