Holidays: project advances to eliminate an XL weekend
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The project seeks to modify article 1 of Law 27,399, on the establishment of holidays and long weekends, to establish national holidays and non-working days throughout the territory. Thus, the date of August 17 that commemorates the death of the hero cannot be moved as in previous years: in 2022 it was moved to Monday the 15th, with the aim of taking advantage of the weekend of August 13 and 14.

For next year, the Ministry of the Interior has already established that the date will be moved to Monday 21so that Argentines will be able to take advantage of an XL weekend.


Holiday schedule for 2023

For now, pending the changes that can be promoted from the National Congress, the national government has already established the dates for 2023:

immovable holidays

  • January 1 (New Year).
  • February 20 and 21 (carnival holidays).
  • 24 of March (National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice).
  • april 2 (Veteran’s Day and those of the Fallen in the Malvinas War).
  • april 7 (Holy Friday).
  • May 1st (Labor Day).
  • 25 of May (Day of the May Revolution).
  • June 17 (Step to Immortality of General Don Martín Miguel de Güemes).
  • June 20th (Step to Immortality of General Manuel Belgrano).
  • July 9th (Independence Day).
  • November 20 (National Sovereignty Day).
  • December 8 (Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary).
  • December 25th (Christmas).

portable holidays

  • 17 of August (Step to the Immortality of General José de San Martín) to be held on monday august 21.
  • October 12 ° (Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity) to be held on monday october 16.

long weekends

  • Friday May 26 (Bridge with the holiday of Thursday May 25, Day of the May Revolution).
  • Monday June 19 (bridge with the holiday of Tuesday June 20, Step to the Immortality of General Manuel Belgrano).
  • Friday October 13 (Long weekend, four days, due to the transfer from Thursday, October 12 -Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity- to Monday, October 16).

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