Horacio García Belsunce, after testifying in the trial for María Marta:

Oral Court 4 of San Isidro will hear Horacio and Maria Laura Garcia Belsunce in the third trial for the crime of his sister, where the neighbor Nicolás Pachelo is accused of the murder that occurred on October 27, 2002. It is the first hearing in which they declared as witnesses direct relatives of the victim.

“Does 20 years I’m waiting this moment,” he assured C5N Horacio, in a brief exchange before entering the audience. After years of silence before the press, he added: “I feel very calm, hoping that justice will be done for everyone.”

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Horacio García Belsunce was at the scene of the crime on October 27, 2002 and convicted of concealment, although he was later terminated by extinction of crime. He will be one of the four witnesses who testify this Friday, along with his sister María Laura and two experts.

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Horacio García Belsunce’s statement

During his presentation, García Belsunce recounted in detail how he received the results of his sister’s autopsy. “Horacio tells me I have horrible news to give you, María Marta had five bullets in her head”, he recalled that the head of the forensic team that participated in the operation told him by phone.

“Me I could not believe what I was hearing,” said Horacio, who assured that at that time he spoke with the then prosecutor Diego Molina Pico. “He told me ‘and now what do we do’, and I told him how do we do?, investigate. We had an accident and María Marta has five shots”.

According to his account, Molina called him again after that first communication was cut off and told him He said “the family deceived me”. “He told me ‘I have to take your statement right away’ and among the things I told him, I told him about the pituto and that Jhon should also testify.”

Horacio García Belsunce, after testifying in the trial for María Marta:
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On the other hand, he recalled that after the autopsy was also when Pachelo’s name came up again, and then he found out that his lawyer was Roberto Ribas, with whom he had a friendly relationship. That is why he remembered a talk that the lawyer had, when he told him that in the neighborhood where his sister had been killed he had a client whom he defined as “malandra”.

Later, he stressed that Ribas told him that Pachelo was a “brave and complicated guy” and that “I could have emptied the entire magazine (to María Marta) because she was capable”.

The third trial for the crime of María Marta

In the last hearing, Leyla Keller, ex-partner of lawyer and journalist Horacio García Belsunce and ex-sister-in-law of María Marta, pointed against Pachelo stating that they were “terrified” of him. “The murderer of María Marta was inside Carmel and it was not Carlos Carrascosa. He is the justice in charge of repair the damage in memory of María Marta García Belsunce, it is in your hands”, assured the woman before the judges Federico Ecke, Osvaldo Rossi and Esteban Andrejin.

Horacio García Belsunce, after testifying in the trial for María Marta:
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“It is an incredible thing that after 20 years the crime is unpunished after two trials. I have panic attacks, terror, anguish, I don’t understand. I ask you please, if this trial is useful for something, do something, do not allow it to continue unpunished, “said Keller.

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In this third debate that is being carried out for the crime, the prosecution aims to demonstrate that Pachelo killed with six bullets to the head to María Marta when she caught him stealing from her house on October 27, 2002, and with the collaboration of former security guards Norberto Glennon and José Ortiz, also accused in the trial.

María Marta was 50 years old when she was shot to death.
María Marta was 50 years old when she was shot to death.

Who are the other defendants for the crime of María Marta García Belsunce

In addition to Nicolás Pachelo, the two other defendants in the García Belsunce case, the former guards Norberto Glennon (57) and José Ortiz (45), but also Matias Osvaldo Marasco (43) and Ivan Alfredo Martinez (34), who are not accused of the homicide, but together with Pachelo for a series of eight robberies and thefts committed between 2017 and 2018 in suburban countries, in a debate that should begin as soon as the Carmel country crime ends.

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Pachelo, Glennon and Ortiz face charges as co-authors of a “aggravated robbery by the use of a weapon in a real competition with aggravated homicide criminis causa” to the detriment of María Marta, crimes that provide for the life imprisonment.

Pachelo is the only one of the three defendants who reaches the oral trial prisoner -He is housed in Unit 9 of La Plata-, but not for the crime of María Marta in which in 2017 he was charged and questioned in freedom, but for the robberies for which he was arrested in 2018.

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