Horacio Garcia Belsunce.

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Horacio Garcia Belsunce.


Judicial sources reported that the 11th hearing of the debate for the sociologist’s crime began after 10:30 in the room located Oral Criminal Court 4located on the mezzanine of the San Isidro courts, on Calle Ituzaingo 340from that party in the north of Greater Buenos Aires.

The prosecutors Patricio Ferrari, Andres Quintana and Federico Gonzalez Four witnesses were summoned for this Friday to add evidence against the accused, including two of María Marta’s brothers.

Horacio García Belsunce.jpg

Horacio Garcia Belsunce.

Horacio Garcia Belsunce.


The first to testify was an expert psychologist, Patricia Ferreyrawho analyzed Nicholas Pachelo within the framework of the criminal case in the Federal Capital for which in 2005 he ended up convicted of a series of robberies at the houses of friends and acquaintances.

But Pachelo’s lawyer, Rachel Perez Iglesiasasked for a intermediate room that would allow him to read the expert opinion on which he was going to testify, so the beginning of the testimony was delayed.

Iglesias reiterated his complaint that the prosecution does not advance who are the witnesses of each day and safe: “He’s playing hide and seek”. Ferrari responded that since the beginning of the trial the list of people who will provide testimony for the prosecution has been known.

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Nicolás Pachelo.


The sources consulted confirmed that it would then be the turn of Horacio García Belsunce, María Marta’s brother who was tried and convicted of cover-up in 2011but then it ended dismissedafter the acquittal of Carlos Carrascosa.

Another sister of the victim who will testify this Friday, but in the afternoon, will be Maria Laura Garcia Belsuncewho acts in the case as affected individuallike the widower Carrascosa.

The fourth witness of the day will be another expert psychologist who analyzed Pachelo in that criminal case in the Federal Capital in a report that concluded that the accused presented a “psychopathic personality disorder”.

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Nicholas Pachelo.


On Wednesday’s session, Leyla Keller -ex-partner of the lawyer and journalist Horacio García Belsunce, and ex-sister-in-law of María Marta- testified before the Oral Criminal Court 4 of San Isidro and focused his testimony on the figure Pachelo, whom he had “panic”.

María Marta’s murderer was inside Carmel and it was not Carlos Carrascosa. Justice is in charge of repairing the damage in memory of Maria Marta Garcia Belsunceit’s in your hands,” Keller told the judges. Federico Ecke, Osvaldo Rossi and Esteban Andrejín.

It is an incredible thing that after 20 years the crime is unpunished after two trials. I have panic attacks, terror, anguish, I don’t understand. I ask you please, if this trial is useful for something, do something, do not allow it to go unpunished,” Keller said.

Carlos Carrascosa

Carlos Carrascosa. 

In this third debate carried out for the crime, the prosecution aims to show that Pachelo killed six bullets in the head to María Marta when she caught him stealing the October 27, 2002and with the collaboration of the ex-vigilantes Norbert Glennon (57) and Joseph Ortiz (45), also imputed in this debate.

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