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Cristina Kirchner caused a stir with speech that he gave in the plenary session of the CTA, in which he strongly criticized the Cabinet of Alberto Fernández. About, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta He expressed that the vice president “made a self-criticism of her own government” and asked that “they begin to change.”

He made a self-criticism of his own government. What we hope now is that they begin to change. She herself said that they were not finding a way around inflation”, emphasized the head of the Buenos Aires Government.

“I don’t give a damn about looking good with the officials”: 10 key phrases of Cristina Kirchner in the CTA

On the other hand, Larreta also pointed against the Undersecretary for Penitentiary Affairs and former comptroller of the Federal Penitentiary Service, Maria Laura Garrigos de Reboriafter closing a drug sales bunker in Barrio Zavaleta.

In this sense, the head of the City Government specified: “In the City we are not going to change our political decision to go against criminals. Criminals need to be jailed. There is an agreement with the national government and they should take prisoners to federal prisons and they are not complying”.

“They just don’t comply because of what the penitentiary secretary told Marcelo D’Alessandro (Minister of Justice and Security of the City)”, he argued in reference to Garrigós de Rébori’s request to stop detaining people to avoid problems in the police stations.

María Laura Garrigós de Rébori, who would have asked the City Security Minister to “stop stopping so as not to have problems.”

Regarding this situation, Minister D’Alessandro revealed in dialogue with miter radio: “I don’t usually tell about the conversations we have in private, but I’m going to tell this for the first time in my life because it’s something outrageous. Garrigos He told me ‘the problem is the criminal policy that you carry out, if you stop stopping you will not have problems with the detainees.

“Our decision is not going to change, the criminals have to be imprisoned. Beyond the fact that the national government wants to free them, we are not going to change”, affirmed the head of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

In this same line, Larreta assured: “The Government releases prisoners, it already did during the pandemic and it is clear from what they told Marcelo D’Alessandro that too many people are imprisoned in the City. It is not too much, the criminals have to be imprisoned”.

Larreta questioned Alberto Fernández: “That he defends dictatorships generates a huge contradiction for me”

In turn, he remarked that the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation, Martin Soriathey ask him “to take charge of his responsibility, there is a signed agreement that is indisputable and says that prisoners have to be in federal prisons. Most of the crimes are national crimes.”

This Sunday night, four prisoners escaped from a City Police station in Chacarita, which is why D’Alessandro took up the matter on his Twitter account and questioned whether the Federal Penitentiary Service “has stopped receiving detainees from the city”.

Tweet D'Alessandro
Tweet by Marcelo D’Alessandro complaining about the refusal to house City prisoners in federal prisons.

“City police stations are prepared to house a person for 24 hours. We have 783 people in the City police stations serving sentences. It is against human rights”, explained the minister in dialogue with Radio The Network.


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