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In the search to expand the menu of candidates, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta continues to be shown with various figures of the PRO and of Together for Change who flirt with the possibility of being candidates to succeed him in the Buenos Aires Government Headquarters. With Jorge Macri further and further away from the heat of Uspallata, the mayor shared activities this Wednesday with Martin Lousteau Y Soledad Acunaand prepares the launch of the candidacy of Fernan Quiros for the next few days.

Lousteau was a special guest at the cabinet meeting. He made a presentation of about 20 minutes on the political and economic situation before ministers and secretaries of the Buenos Aires government, answered questions and stayed for the two hours that the meeting lasted. Centered on the challenge of building “management teams”, the radical senator once again assessed the importance of rescuing the best of each party tradition when putting together a coalition government. A message that he has been repeating with the aim of breaking down the barriers that he still has from various sectors of the PRO.

Lousteau, Morales and Larreta in a recent act of radicalism.

Larreta plays Quirós, prepares another radical photo and installs “the Generation of 23” and “profound change”

In Uspallata they downplayed Lousteau’s presence in the cabinet, and highlighted that he regularly participates in these meetings. Something that, in reality, was more common in previous years, but in recent times it had been discontinued. In that seat of government, in addition, the economist has an office available for meetings, under the excuse that he is a senator for the district.

The good harmony between Larreta and Lousteau is viewed with concern by PRO sectors that they fear that it will end in an agreement where the head of government ends up favoring him in the fight in Buenos Aires in exchange for radical support for the presidential election. The president, for this reason, insists that he prefers a PRO candidate, and seeks to raise figures in the internal competition with Jorge Macri, who just today returned to Uspallata after a few days of honeymoon.

Soledad Acuña and Horacio Rodriguez Larreta 20221123
Acuña and Larreta on a tour of a professional practice.

In this sense, this Wednesday Larreta was shown again with the Minister of Education, Soledad Acuña, already launched with the aim of fighting for the City in 2023. The head of the Buenos Aires Government and the official visited the facilities of the Metropol Group, one of the most important public passenger transport management companies in the country. During the tour of the company’s workshop, located in the Barracas neighborhood, they observed various electrical practices carried out by students of the Technical School No. 10 Fray Luis Beltrán within the framework of the City Government’s Professional Practices program.

At the UCR, cross-dialogues with the PRO are multiplying

“The best commitment that we can assume with young people is to prepare, train and accompany them in their first steps so that they have a job opportunity for the future,” said Rodríguez Larreta.

The photos of the romantic honeymoon of María Belén Ludueña and Jorge Macri in Paris
Jorge Macri reappeared this Wednesday in Uspallata after a brief honeymoon.

On the other hand, at this time the mayor’s team defines when and how the application of Fernán Quirós will be launched to compete for the Head of Government. The Minister of Health has long been a name that sounds for the position but has never been launched.

With an event scheduled for the end of this week, Quirós had decided to add his name to the grid. At some point, waiting for the Supreme Court failed in the discussion with the national government for the co-participation, in Uspallata they evaluated postponing the launch. But the decision to move forward has already been made.

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