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Everything is ready for the president of the Supreme Court of Justiciam Horace Rosatti, I took an oath to the elected magistracy councilors, but not to all of them. It is that, as happened at the beginning of the year, the proposal made by Congress regarding the two representatives of each chamber, including Martin Donatein full dispute with the macrista Luis Juez.

The oath-taking ceremony will take place next Tuesday at the Palace of Courts after the game of the Argentine National Team, at 10.

Only the 11 councilors elected for the new management period will attend the ceremony, that is, the representatives of the establishment of judges, the Law Profession, the academic world and the representative of the Executive Power, who will continue to be Geronimo Ustarroz.

Council of the Magistracy: the Senate approved the appointment of Doñate and left Judge aside

This time The same will happen as in mid-April when the Court decided to swear in the elected counselors after the election to expand the composition of the body in charge of the selection and trial of judges as a result of the Court ruling that declared the model of 13 unconstitutional. That time the representatives had been left out sent by Congress: the Kirchnerist senator Martín Doñate and the radical deputy Roxana Reyes, who were sworn in days later, on May 19.

That time, Justice should have thoroughly studied the appointments of both leaders to assess whether they were in a position to assume. The same thing will happen now but under a higher level of expectation since both the ruling party and the opposition have doubts about what will happen to Doñate after the decision in which the Court validated the Judge, ignored by the Frente de Todos.

Luis Juez: “Not even during the dictatorship did they dare to ignore a ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice”

Who will assume

While on the political-judicial level the dispute over the places that correspond to Congress and especially the Senate within the Council is quite critical, in the rest of the estates there were elections, they were carried out in a normal way and The names were defined without too many questions.

That is why next Tuesday the judges will be sworn in before the Court Diego Barroetavena and Alberto Lugonesand the judges Agustina Diaz Cordero Y Alejandra Provitola. Also the representatives of the legal profession Miguel PiedecasasJimena de la Torre Hector Recalde and Maria Fernanda Vazquez.

That day the leaders of the academic sector will also be sworn in Guillermo Galderisi and Hugo Tamaritalong with Ustarroz, who will continue to represent the National Executive Power.

Together for Change will denounce the appointment of Doñate in the Magistracy

In the meantime, the representatives of Congress will have to wait. On the side of the Chamber of Deputies, its president, Cecilia Moreau, informed that the representatives will be Vanessa Sileycurrent director, and who will return Rodolfo Tailhade, judicial sword of Kirchnerism. Also Álvaro González, whose landing in the organization has as background the head of the Buenos Aires Government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and the radical Roxana Reyes, who arrived in April.

Tailhade returns to the Magistracy Council, but will not be sworn in yet.

On the Senate side, it remains to define what will happen to Doñate, elected by the Senate and challenged by the opposition and the Court. But his peers elected to the Council of the Magistracy are Maria Pilatti Vergara and Mariano Recaldecurrent advisers, while Eduardo Vischi, another radical from Together for Change, will make his debut.

Another one who will have to wait but with uncertainty about what will happen is the macrista Luis Juez, who He was not appointed by the Senate but wants to enter.

Convulsed Council in a key year

With the assumption of the new directors, it is expected that the body will return to a more normal operation after a year that was moved and was marked by fire due to the change in its composition and all that that meant behind closed doors. This year it worked in the building on Calle Libertad ua composition of 13 members and later that of 20 with the arrival of the president of the Court Horacio Rosatti.

In the midst of the tension with JxC and the Supreme Court, Doñate and other senators attend the act of Cristina Kirchner

Meanwhile, the full conformation It will start operating in 2023, a key year for the presidential elections.. It is to be hoped that the Council will then function as a room for the execution of the judicial interests that both the ruling party and the opposition have and will have in the middle of the electoral race.

PRESIDENT.  Horacio Rosatti spoke with the victims, but did not share the news with the other counselors.
Horacio Rosatti, President of the Court and of the Council of the Magistracy.

In this line, it will be key to see how the management of the different commissions that make up the functioning of the organization will be configured. There are chairs in play in six spaces: Accusation, Discipline, Selection, Regulation and Administration and Financial, the first three are strategic and the most interesting because they have the management of the processes against magistrates and magistrates and the assembly of documents for the vacant Courts.

In relation to the latter, it is worth remembering that the processes are pending to occupy the vacancies in strategic places such as Comodoro Py and impeachment proceedings. In this section, Kirchnerism comes from presenting, for example, a proposal against the chambermaids Mariano Llorens Y Paul Bertuzzitwo of the most criticized by Cristina Kirchner.


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