Horoscope for Pisces today: Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Know that you will need to calm down and be prepared for what is coming your way. On this day, you will feel that something new and good is about to happen.

Dates: February 20 to March 20

What awaits Pisces on Monday, May 9

Behave with humility and admit your mistakes, otherwise your partner will walk away. Understand that if you have been wrong, you have to admit fault.

Prepare yourself, since you will have to take advantage of this new job opportunity that will be offered to you and thus you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge on this day.

You will have to start a therapeutic treatment that will help you better decide what to do with your life. Understand that it will be very positive for you.

Week of May 4 to 10

The sky continues to be very activated for the ascendant in Pisces, due to the transits of Neptune, Mars, and Jupiter in your sign, and this can bring extra energy that comes in handy to move forward and do pending things. That’s right: until it returns to Pisces for a little while during its retrogradation in October this year, this is the last weekend of Jupiter (ruler of the ascendant in Sagittarius) in your sign. In that sense, it is good to stop and think how the last few months were for you, especially in terms of how you inhabited and perceived your Piscean facet. Tip: befriend your sensitivity.

What the Pisces horoscope said yesterday

Go by your instincts, know that this will help you immediately detect if someone tries to harm you professionally. Beware of negative people.

When you have a dialogue with your crush, try to manage the words and not get irritated. Know that his opinions could hurt him and drive him away from you.

During this journey, make matters clear. Try to organize all the papers and do not forget to keep legal and financial matters up to date.

On this day, it will be a day where you will wake up with an extra dose of energy, which will help you quickly carry out all your obligations.

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