Horoscope for Pisces today: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Do your best not to get carried away by outbursts and carefully analyze each situation before making any decisions. Be more patient.

Dates: February 20 to March 20

What awaits Pisces on Tuesday, June 21

You will live a deep encounter with that person you met a short time ago. Prepare her heart, there will already be the possibility of falling in love more than she thinks.

Propitious time to decide on business issues and make new business contacts. Look for new horizons within the field that is handled.

Do not feel sad, seek help and advice from your friends, they will know how to listen to you. Know that you have already overcome much worse situations in your life.

Week of May 10 to 16

For the ascendant in Pisces, the sky continues to be highly activated: Neptune (your ruler) connects in conjunction with Mars (planet of action) in your sign. This interaction is ideal for you to activate and see if you can take advantage of this connection to unlock some emotional issues and try, at least, to channel them. It may come in handy to tune in to Jupiter (planet of the expansion), which is in Aries and allows you to connect with your capacity for courage. Tip: anguish is information. Listen to her.

What the Pisces horoscope said yesterday

It will be an optimal moment for you to put into practice everything that you have been thinking and wanting for months. Understand that time passes, try not to let yourself be.

Today your personal charm will be multiplied thanks to the lunar influence on your sign. Go out and conquer and you may find your soul mate where you least expect it.

You should apply common sense to perceive and realize a good deal from which you will obtain very positive results. Think well before you act.

On this day, it will be essential for you to alternate your obligations with moments of relaxation, otherwise, you could argue with someone very close to you.

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