Something different is in store for each sign this week
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jimena la torre detailed what to expect each sign of the Zodiac for the week of November 21 to 27. Through his channel Youtubethe tarot reader Y astrologer predicted what people should expect based on their date of birth.

“[Estamos por empezar los] last days of Waning moon, goodbye. We are going to start with the reading of the letters that are special for the entrance of this sun in Sagittarius, the 22nd, and the New Moon in Sagittarius the astrology specialist began.

After that, he began to throw the cards to glimpse how the first week of this new astrological season in each Zodiac sign.

Horoscope: Jimena La Torre’s predictions for the week of November 21 to 27

“They will be lucky to continue on their way in a very good way, planning a tripa move or if you want to do something with a car, like sell it,” he said. Tower about people who belong to the sign of Aries.

As explained by the tarot reader, those of Taurus “they are always showing”. “Sagittarius activates and optimizes them, and brings out of them this seductive and natural thing that they have”, he indicated. The letter of the week is The star, that opens up opportunities in every way, because “when the opposition leaves, they return to being themselves.”

“Everything is easier with two,” began La Torre, who later explained that the sun enters the opposite sign. “Life tells you: ‘Work as a team, work with the other, look for the positive side of what the other tells you and, that way, they will be able to be much better,’” he said. In addition, he did not rule out that people from Gemini organize a trip

The Tower held that the people of Cancer “It is located in a very ‘natural intuitive witch’, because Sagittarius starts on Tarot reader daythe 22″. Cancer Y Sagittarius they’re the best friends.

Something different is in store for each sign this weekTHE NATION

Will have favorable justice, As the astrologer clarified, this is because Leo is another fire sign that is doing very well. “If they have to take an exam, they will do it in the best way,” she observed.

“It is located in a place of temperancebecause Sagittarius is a sign that is too fast, and Virgo is a practical and calm sign”, assured La Torre, who said that Virgo people have to have the peace of mind to sustain the speed that the week represents, the Sun in Sagittarius and the New Moon.

According to the astrologer, Libra people will do very well. ”They plan a re-trip to another country. It’s going to go very well. Sagittarius stimulates a lot Pound. It is one of the signs that best gets along with Libra, to take it to a very good place, ”she said. Likewise, he announced that there is the possibility of a move.

This week the Sun enters Sagittarius.
This week the Sun enters Sagittarius.Pixabay

The Sun it will leave them at approximately 8am on November 22nd. The letter of the week is the Wheel of Fortune, that accompanies them the luck they have for having learned the best. “Today and tomorrow the Moon is in Scorpio, so they continue to be in a very positive position,” La Torre completed.

“We have the sign of the week sitting on the throne of success,” warned the tarot reader in reference to the letter of the week for Sagittarians, which is The emperor. “They know how to be optimistic, confident and achieve everything they want at the company level, with great security,” said La Torre.

According to La Torre, Capricorns “are saving themselves.” “When he was Sun in the previous sign, it is saved to only give your love to those who deserve it”, he observed.

“It is a sign that activates a lot with Sagittarius, which activates it to rely on good bases that give it favorable justice for them”, affirmed the tarot reader.

According to informed La Torre, the Pisceans will organize a trip.


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