The ex-star of Let's Get Married, the famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina, can give individual advice for a lot of money

The ex-star of Let’s Get Married, the famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina, can give individual advice for a lot of money

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Forecasts, predictions and horoscopes are read by many for entertainment. But there are people who check their lives on them – they believe so much that they order individual calculations for a lot of money. The most fashionable and sought after are “experts from TV”. These are those astrologers, psychics who participate in various TV shows and projects on YouTube. When changes occur in the usual areas of life, those who want to receive forecasts line up in virtual queues to star experts. Popular predictors have more work to do. Let’s talk about the updated rates.

The ex-star of Let’s Get Married, the famous astrologer Vasilisa Volodina, can give individual advice for a lot of money: from 165 thousand rubles to 300 thousand rubles. Volodina will calculate a five-year forecast for all areas of life (work, personal life, children, health and other important issues), as well as analyze the current life situation and describe possible methods for solving problems. If you can’t pull the star financially, then you can use the services of the employees of the Astrocenter Vasilisa Volodina. Volodina’s astrologers will make an astrological forecast for the year in all areas of life. During the pandemic, this forecast cost 24 thousand rubles, and now the horoscope has risen in price – already 28 thousand rubles.

Astrologer Tamara Globa teaches everyone: now there is a course of 19 lessons “Fundamentals of Astrology. Astropsychology” – for 57 thousand rubles (payment in installments is possible). In the meantime, there is a new set of online course for June “Personality Horoscope”. This is a Globa course of 35 lessons for 105 thousand rubles. Each lesson lasts an hour and a half in Zoom video format in groups. All unlearned lovers of astrology will be awarded a certificate of completion of the course.

Tamara Globa records free video predictions for everyone, and gives individual consultations for money. The cost of a business forecast starts from 100 thousand rubles. For this money for consultations, Globa will talk about business prospects, relationships with partners, good and bad times for concluding contracts, and will calculate the answers to business questions from heavenly bodies.

A forecast for the year from Globa called “Solar” costs 60 thousand rubles (online) and 80 thousand rubles (personal meeting). The astrologer will tell you where it is better to meet your solar year and calculate the forecast for your personal year in all areas: finances, work, health, travel, personal life and in other matters.

There is a separate horoscope from Globa – everything is about personal life: when you meet the right person, is marriage possible and when will it take place or will it be an open relationship; what is happening in the family, and how events will develop further; whether there will be a divorce or not. Before the consultation, they usually ask for: date, exact time and place of birth. The price of consultation of Tamara Globa herself is from 64 thousand rubles. This prediction is made by Globa’s children, Tamara’s students. Son Bogdan – his horoscope from 30 thousand rubles and daughter Anna – from 20 thousand.

The winner of the sixth season of the TV project “Battle of Psychics” Alexander Litvin gives advice in different formats. For example, a diary with Alexander Litvin’s calendar costs 2022 rubles. It contains recommendations for every day from Litvin himself, as well as advice taking into account daily changes in natural radiation and gravitational parameters that affect the planet. Individual consultations of a psychic on various issues – from 20 thousand rubles.

The winner of the 16th season of the “Battle of Psychics” Victoria Rydos is so popular that she runs a marathon from May 31 to June 8. It is called like this: a money marathon with a ritual part “Money. Owner. Kubyshka. The cost is 9 thousand rubles. Rydes promises to teach him how to control the flow of money energy, find money for his needs, secure the future of the family, and so on. Litvin and Rydos are the most popular stars of the Battle of Psychics. But even their less stellar colleagues in the “battle” have enough work and cash flows.

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