Hot Metaverse: KamaSutra arrives, the NFT of wellness and sexual health care

With a strong presence in the space for more than three decades, the launch is expected to increase brand relevance. “Our first foray into the NFT category, with Kama Sutrahas ventured into the world of Web 3.0, and is going forward and upwards” expressed from the company in a statement.

The idea, they say, is to create futuristic brand experiences, only possible through great partnerships and the adoption of new-age technology. “We are delighted to partner with Madison and Bobble AI, platforms with unique solutions and a penchant for facilitating immersive conversations for the same”they highlighted.

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How was the KamaSutra process to reach the NFT universe

According to Economic Timesin the first phase, Kama Sutra launched a media marketing campaign that included the creation of six “KamaSutra” branded stickers. These stickers represented the many flavors of the brand based on its tagline “Flavors of Love” and could be used by customers in the conversation space of popular chat platforms.

The condom company used Bobble AI and Madison Media to reach targeted consumers in a two-phase campaign to enhance brand exposure and popularize creative content on the platform before introducing its first NFTs.

Prior to Kama Sutrain October 2021, the Green Condom Club introduced the safe sex and sexual health in the metaverse. They believed in creating open and inclusive conversations about sex in their inaugural NFT collection, which included sex-positive iconography. Their mission was to break down barriers and transform representation one graph at a time.

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