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The Chamber of Deputies approved this Tuesday (10) a bill that makes it mandatory to include the global symbol of awareness of autism spectrum disorder to identify the priority of people in this group in services and transport. The proposal will be sent to the Senate.Campo Grande News - Real Content

The symbol to be included is the multi-colored puzzle ribbon, which represents autism spectrum disorder awareness worldwide. According to the rapporteur, deputy Professor Dorinha Seabra Rezende (União-TO), since December 2020, the date on which the use of the belt became optional, Brazilian society became aware of the representativeness of the belt and its real need to improve service to people with autism.

“We understand that the mandatory use of the puzzle tape, a worldwide symbol of awareness of autism spectrum disorder, to identify the priority given to people with this disorder, represents another step towards the well-being of this segment of the population”, said the deputy.

The rapporteur argued that autism is a syndrome that affects various aspects of communication, as well as influencing the individual’s behavior.

“Data from the CDC (Center of Deseases Control and Prevention), an agency linked to the United States government, there is now one case of autism in every 110 people. Thus, it is estimated that Brazil, with its 200 million inhabitants, has about 2 million autistic people”, said Dorinha.

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