How can you digitize any text with iPhone?  - Software update for you from iOS - II.

An overview from the things that seem quite basic to the less obvious features. Everything that can be useful in everyday use, based on the hypothesis that many people instinctively and purposefully use their poisonous devices for only a few basic things.

In the second part of our article series, text scanning, even more tricks to simplify navigation and a bonus feature has been added.

Scroll to the top and bottom of the display

Probably the majority have stumbled upon these features by accident. This is how I first met by scrolling to the top of the screen. If you have scrolled scary deep on the Index cover or reached the bottom of a pdf, you can simply jump to the top again by tapping the middle of the top of the screen. And as you scroll, a scroll bar appears that you can grab since IOS 13 and race anywhere on the page or text in an instant.

Shake off

Again, a feature that can be run into and can be quite confusing until we know it. There are several things that can be undone by shaking. Even recently deleted or moved text. If you don’t want to shake your phone crazy, you can undo it by dragging three new ones to the left or neutralize it by dragging it to the right. You can double-tap with three fingers to bring up the menu for this function. Turn on and off a Settings – Accessibility – Touch – Undo by shaking menu item.

Accessibility hotkey

We have already mentioned this feature in a previous article, but now we are immersed in it one more time. Basically, the main functions of the Accessibility can be accessed by pressing the main button triple. If you tick a favorite function, the power button starts the function immediately, while adding more items allows you to select it in one step. It would be a long time to chew through all the features listed here – these are worth the Accessibilitymenu item but here’s a little taste.

You can configure the previously mentioned Reduce white point a way to take down the basic brightness of the display in certain situations. If you need it, you can set the system to black and white a Color filterwith. You can turn a scalable magnifier on or off or zoom in to full screen, which passively waits for you to double-tap to turn the feature on or off. (In this case, the undo menu mentioned when shaking cannot be called up with 3 fingers)

It is worth noting that when you exit a note or message, for example, continuing later will no longer store your previous steps and deletions, so you can no longer undo it. Configure the Settings – Accessibility – Accessibility shortcut menu item, where it lists or 15 functions.

Scan text with a camera or image

Artificial intelligence reads most printed text, but also beautiful handwriting. There are two ways to use it. You can copy text from all kinds of images (if visible to the naked eye) or even scan one page of text at a time with the camera in real time.

The only downside is that the function is not available on the Hungarian language system. It operates in English and German, as well as in major language families around the world. So you need to change the system language. For those who do not have a problem with one of the languages ​​just mentioned, it may be worthwhile to change the language for this function. And if practice shows that you don’t have to use the feature every day, it’s enough to just switch it for the duration of use, it’s not too fussy either. Regardless of the language set, it also recognizes Hungarian text without error, even Chinese characters – although I would not take responsibility for how correctly it does this.

The function is also quite well integrated at the system level, it is available almost anywhere where a cursor can be displayed. Tapping the screen, clicking on the “scan text” or its icon will open the camera and we can conjure up any writing or caption on our phone without copying it. Not all apps work for reading from a photo, but for images saved in Safari or Photo Gallery without any problems. I think the most practical is to enter text starting from the notes, but it’s always worth reading through because there are errors in the end result.

Bonus Wallpapers

Many people use various natural noises for sleep, relaxation or even meditation. As of iOS 15, six types of noise, such as rain, the sound of the ocean, or the roar of a stream, are now available without a separate app. It’s worth a try because surprisingly good quality audio has been integrated into the system. This can also be put on a hotkey so you don’t have to a Settings – Accessibility – Sound and visual – Background sounds run a ride.

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