How compelling is Western intelligence to help Ukraine in the war?

The role of spies in this war between Russia Y Ukraine It is important. What they offer to formulate strategies works and thanks to this they manage to cause great damage to the Russian war machine”, says Sandro Teixeira Moita, Doctor of Military Sciences.

Examples of this, says Teixeira, abound.

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The last one is collected by the AFP agency, which cites “New York Times”: the intelligence provided by USA to Ukraine has allowed “the assassination of several Russian generals near the front lines”.

Of course, from West wash your hands. US National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson stated:

The United States provides battlefield intelligence to help Ukrainians defend their country

We do not provide intelligence with the intent to assassinate Russian generals.”.

Details more, details less, Ukraine boasts of havingassassinated Russian generals on the ground since the invasion began on February 24. And everything indicates that it is impossible for them to have acted alone.

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Collaboration Details

From the West, support for Ukraine It is based on two pillars. The first is the information.

The Americans probably have a lot of human resources, spies, which is combined with a large network of satellites that they can use in real time to direct the Ukrainians and make them carry out their attacks.”, comments Teixeira.

The second pillar is weapons. “This is very relevant because of the moral factor: when soldiers defend their own houses, it rises, but they will always need equipment for war”, notes Teixeira.

Let’s think about anti-tank teams. Are they Javelin missiles, which can attack from two kilometers, the Carl Gustav or the Panzer. There are also the materials that come from Italy either Franceas well as the old Sovietsbut they will all be troublesome”.

To use them, you have to train soldiers and the most experienced ones are on the front line. But you may not have time to get them out of there and train them on these new teams.”.

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Although this decision has allowed Kyiv put up a fight, in the future it will also cause problems”in military and logistics terms”. “This equipment will need maintenance and other special care to keep it operational.”.

That is, in order to use them, Ukrainians must also learn to take care of them.”.

politics during the war

I think that many of the successes of the Ukrainian intelligence are, in fact, provided by other”, comments Teixeira.

A good example, he adds, is the sinking of the Moskva. “Apparently, and there are only rumours, nothing is known about the day of the attack and it is estimated that it was in conjunction with the NATO. There is information from a day before and a day after, but not from the day of the attack”.

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There is no doubt about the political use of this privileged information. It should be remembered that, since before the war, USA repeated ad nauseam that Russia yes was going to invade Ukrainewhy many diplomats returned to their home countries”.

But the success of Western intelligence agencies is not 100%. It may be 60% or 70%, but they still have an important role, uncovering Russian tactical operations or targets, and passing on information about where the enemy bases are, what paths they use in their logistics chain, so that Ukraine act”.

Leaks to the press are typical of politics during the war. It is a way of saying that Ukraine is not alone, that the Russian systems are weak and can be broken, that they can hear them speak and that they know where the leaders are. It is a way of telling the Kremlin that its offensive will fail.”.

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