How it works near Donetsk "School of snipers"

“Merciless Invisibles”, “Angels of Death”, “Cold-Blooded Killers”… what nicknames Ukrainian soldiers and Nazis from the Azov Regiment (banned in Russia) have come up with for snipers of the people’s militia of the DPR. In fact, former miners, salesmen and even bank clerks are effectively fighting the NATO-trained and equipped military. People of various specialties were trained at the “School of Snipers” under the command of a well-known on both sides of the front line – master sniper Andrei with the call sign “Belorus”.

RG correspondents met him at positions near the village of Peski.

– One should not be surprised at the presence of people with peaceful professions in the unit. Even the famous sniper Vasily Zaitsev, who killed 225 Nazis in Stalingrad, worked as an accountant before the start of the Great Patriotic War, says Belorus. – By the way, the techniques and instructions he worked out are relevant even today, especially since my fighters, like him, are armed mainly with Mosin rifles. The famous three-rulers can still effectively hit enemy manpower at a distance of up to 800 meters. The unit already has snipers who have on their account three confirmed hit targets. We think that soon the account will increase.

The most popular trick from Vasily Zaitsev was taking into account the solar factor, so that the rays could not be reflected in the optics and give the shooter a reflection. However, the development of weapons business has made its own adjustments to the work of snipers in the Donbass.

Ukrainian shooters are armed with long-range rifles Barret M82 caliber 12.7 mm. Russian-made high-precision rifles – Orsis T-5000 – became a response step. After the appearance of thermal imagers on the Ukrainian side, DPR snipers often need to change positions. As a rule, the Nazis from “Azov” (banned in the Russian Federation) do not enter into sniper duels, and try to cover the detected target with mortars or artillery.

– Although once there was a case. During the battles for the Mariupol plant named after Ilyich, I decided to equip an observation post on the roof of a high-rise building. There were about four thousand meters to the Ukrainian positions, and the pipe had a 75-fold increase and made it possible to “look” at five thousand meters. When I installed it, it was unexpectedly close – 40 centimeters from my head, a bullet hit and knocked out a huge piece of concrete. It was a Ukrainian sniper who saw the flash and immediately fired, despite the long distance. They hit with special armor-piercing bullets that pierce bulletproof vests right through, – says “Belarus”.

It should be noted that in the battles for the plant named after Ilyich, a sniper from Donetsk destroyed several high-ranking officers of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and was presented with a government award.

Our enemy is treacherous and merciless. They resort to “live bait”, only as bait they use not dummies or dummies of the military, but their own … soldiers. Knowing that on the first line (forefront – approx. “RG”) a sniper works, they expose mobilized boys or old men under the shot, sending them on some business. So I see such a “raw warrior”, without a machine gun and a helmet, going into the scope, collecting brushwood for a fire, and at that time a hardened Nazi lies with a rifle in a shelter and waits for me to identify myself and expose myself to a shot. But I don’t shoot – I’m waiting for a completely different target, – says the head of the sniper school.

The main pedagogical technique of “Belorus” is a personal example, because in addition to teaching theory, he, along with his fighters, goes to practice – to positions.

– I have two rules. First, listen to “Belorus”, do as I do and follow me, – says Andrei.

What about the second rule? – I ask him.

– If “Belorus” is wrong, see the first rule. I am 43 years old, and I have been a sniper since I was 18. Therefore, there is no time to explain in positions – the main thing is the speed of the worked out actions, – the shooter explains.

I ask the key question: “Isn’t it scary?”.

Only the mentally ill are not afraid. Sometimes fear helps and sharpens the instincts. The main thing is not to let him capture you and develop into a panic when a person no longer controls himself, – answered “Belorus”.

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