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"How long will that take? I have plans!”: Nurse shares bold father sayings from the delivery room

A nurse shared the nastiest and boldest jokes fathers have said to their birthing wives' faces.  (icon picture)

A US nurse shared on TikTok the worst jokes she’s heard from expectant fathers in the delivery room.

USA/TikTok – Birth can be not only difficult, it can even be dangerous. However, some men do not seem to understand this, because, according to one, they can afford it U.S-American nurse tidy brazen sayings while the mothers are in labor.

A nurse shared the nastiest and boldest jokes fathers have said to their birthing wives’ faces. (Iconic image) © belchonock/123RF

30-year-old nurse Holly likes to share her day-to-day work with her 99,000 followers on TikTok.

In one of her videos, she shared them weirdest quoteswhich husbands have said to their wives while they were in labor.

“Some men are hard to beat,” she captioned her video, which has since been viewed more than 10.4 million times.

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No wonder, because what some men have allowed themselves to say in the delivery room is really outrageous.

These include: “You should just do a caesarean. This is taking too long.”

“How long is that going to take? I have plans for the weekend.”

“Sew an extra stitch in there for me, doctor, we want everything to be exactly the way it was before.”

These nasty sayings made many people flare up. “Would get divorced during childbirth,” wrote one. “I would have become a single parent very quickly,” commented another.

The first video was so well received that the nurse immediately made a second one. © @hollyd_rn/TikTok

Holly’s first such video was so well received that she made a second.

“Wake me up when the baby is here, I’m tired,” said one, before turning around, pulling the blanket over his head and sleeping through the birth of his son.

Another was so bold that he asked his wife in labor if she could sit on the exercise ball so he could sleep in the bed.

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Many users of the social media platform also got angry about the shameless sayings under this video.

“I would have strangled him with my kid’s umbilical cord,” one quipped.

Others saw it all a little more negatively. “It’s really sad because most moms stay with these pigs,” one commented.

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