How much did the barbecue increase during the Government of the Front of All with respect to the mandate of Mauricio Macri

Eating a barbecue with family or friends is a luxury And you don’t have to remind me. In May alone, the cuts rose by 6.1%. But, What happens when we compare prices during the government of Mauricio Macri and that of Alberto Fern├índez?

Today the average value of beef, including all cuts, it is at $1122 per kilo. If we choose the strip roast, in the last year of the Government of Cambiemos the kilo amounted to 230 pesos.

Now, during the third mandate of the Front of All, it is obtained at $1,095 per kilo, a rise of 376% in just three years. Official measures seem to find no direction.

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In May 2021the Government put a stocks on beef with the excuse of lowering prices. The roast, however, has already increased by 62% so far this year.

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