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How much does it cost to eat at Édgar Núñez’s restaurant, where the influencer wanted to go for free

How much does it cost to eat at Édgar Núñez's restaurant, where the influencer wanted to go for free

Édgar Núñez is a chef mexican which has several restaurants, among which “Sud777” and “Comedor Jacinta” stand out. The former has come to be considered one of the best in Latin America. That is why customers are not lacking and he was recently involved in a controversy, when an influencer asked him to eat for free in exchange for advertising.

It all happened through the account of Twitter of Chef who shared a capture where a direct message sent by the influencer colombian Manuela Gutierrez, whose username is @manuguti95. The text said:

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“Hello, how are you? Their restaurant it is simply spectacular! I will be in Mexico at the end of the month with my boyfriend, and I would love to know if it is possible to carry out an advertising exchange, where I recommend them and show their services in my instagram through my stories, which will be anchored in a highlight, in exchange for a food for both. For me it would be an honor to be able to work with you! ”, She wrote the influencer.

But this did not seem to please him. Edgar Nunez, because in addition to the screenshot, he added the following description to the post: “And in my liked section; “international freeloaders“I leave Manuela #BuenasTardesATodos (with a quarter of my followers)”. Also, she added one more comment that said: “Hahahaha I did not know that to drink for free was to work.”

/ Twitter @EdgarNunezM

And, of course, the reactions from Internet users were immediate, as there are those who were against the Chef, commenting, “He just made you a proposal. It is up to you to accept or reject. I don’t see why you had to expose her and try to make fun of a person”; “She was nice and she just asked if you were interested in her. The same and you could tell her no without coming to doxx her”; “What you did was very wrong, the girl does not deserve the harassment you caused.”

On the other hand, some users supported the position of Edgar Nunezwith comments like: “Those misnamed influencers they already want everything for free”; “One who is also in the business, it is pathetic how they ask you for courtesies or eat free. They have become a plague”; “He still dares to write that it would be a pleasure to work with you, as if what he does is work.”

Finally, Manuela Gutierrez responded to this controversy through his stories of Instagramsaying that the Chef He has her blocked, but they tell him to invite her to the live so they can talk like civilized people.

How much does it cost to eat at Chef Édgar Núñez’s restaurant?

Putting the controversy aside. you may be wondering how much does it cost to eat in the famous Sud777.

The first thing to say is that this restaurant is characterized by serving Mexican food contemporary, with a luxurious presentation, which is not easy to find anywhere else.

/ Instagram @sud777mx

you can taste cymbals ranging from 155 pesos (8 dollars) to 595 (30 dollars).

To give you a better idea, for example, the ash-crusted octopus, piquillo pepper and xcatic mayonnaise is priced at 285 pesos (14 dollars); soft shell crab, seaweed and jalapeño mayonnaise is 295 pesos ($15); the duck breast with yellowish mole, garden leaves and sweet potato puree, and the ribs in mole sauce cost 400 pesos (20 dollars).

If we talk about range, the cheapest you will find are the soups for a price of 155 pesos (8 dollars); On the other hand, the most expensive are the aged beef cane, accompanied by parsnip and mushroom puree, and cured lardo, or the beef fillet, parsnip and lavender, with clover and cremini mushroom, both costing 595 pesos (30 dollars).

They also have a 12-course tasting menu with a price of 1,950 pesos (98 dollars) per person.

As you can see, you can find a wide variety of foods and prices.

If you want to know him, we share with you that Sud777 is located at Boulevard de la Luz 777, Jardines del Pedregal, Mexico City. Take into account that due to the exclusivity and experience of the restaurantTo attend you must make a reservation.

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