How much will inflation and the dollar climb in 2022, according to Argentine CEOs


The report included the vision of 385 executive directors, general managers, company owners and entrepreneurs and indicated that the business confidence index reached a rating of 83. That value represents a down 11 points when compared to the 94 obtained in the report for the last quarter of 2021.

The forecasts in relation to the annual inflation of 2022 of the CEOs were known hours before the INDEC discloses the data of the Consumer’s price index (CPI) of last April, which expected high after the monthly variation of 6.7% last March.

“The index data indicates that there is Pessimism in businessmen’s assessment of the economic scenariowhich is highly marked by inflation. However, they estimate improvements in sales volumes and the maintenance of their teams’ jobs,” he said in this regard. Guadeloupe Saint MartinCEO of Vistage Argentina.


56% of those consulted considered that the behavior of the Argentine economy worsened compared to a year ago. Meanwhile, 23% indicated that they remained stablewhile 21% believe that got better. Besides, 82% considered that the prices of their products and services will rise during 2022.

Regarding the future panorama, the businessmen were mainly pessimistic: 52% consider that economic activity will fall in the next 12 years36% think that will remain unchanged and 12% believe that there will be a upgrade.


On the other hand, 66% indicated that they plan to increase their turnoverwhile 22% assured that it will remain Same and 7% who will trim. Still, even though 49% plan to increase sales volume in units39% consider that will lower your profitability.

While, 39% think that profits will remain unchanged and 22% anticipate that they will increaseaccording to a survey whose results were known in the last few hours.


By last, hiring expectations remain unchanged for just over half of companies. While 51% do not plan to apply variations to their staff of employees, 40% will increase their workforce and only 9% will decrease it.

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