How the Christmas bonus is calculated for domestic workers

The month of June contemplates the payment of the bonus and this includes employees and domestic workers. When calculating the amount of the Complementary Annual Salary that corresponds to household service, there are some mathematical formulas that allow to obtain the final number.

As established by the Employment Contract Law, the bonus is credited based on half of the best salary paid in the period covered. In this first instance, the best pay from January to June is taken into account. Therefore, the formula depends on whether the salary is assigned to workers with this full period or not. In the first of the cases, as it was said, it is enough with halve the best gross pay of the period.

when the person did not provide service during the entire semester, the bonus is calculated on half of the best salary, and that amount is multiplied by the months or days worked during those six months. In the event that the work is paid by the hour, the total remuneration of each month is added and the highest of the semester is taken to stipulate the half bonus.

There are two options to include the bonus in salary receipts: if paid on the last business day of the month, deadline established by the Labor Contract Law, can be included with the June or December salary and deliver the same proof of payment. If paid separately, an individual salary receipt can be delivered. It is important to remember that when calculating the best pay, extra payments must be taken into account either for overtime, additional (transportation expenses, for example) and remuneration in kind.

The National Social Security Administration began this June 15 with the final payment of the Income Boosterwhich will deposit the remaining $9,000 to complete the total of $18,000 provided for in this program, which is intended for domestic and informal workers, as well as social monotributistas and categories A and B.

Like other assistance from the organization, the payment of this benefit is organized through the last number of the DNI. That’s why, today the charge will begin for those whose document number ends in 0 and will continue like this successively. The rest of the calendar will be extended during the remainder of June, not counting holidays:

According to official information from Anses, 7.5 million people will receive the extraordinary bonus. In addition, as was clarified in due time, the collection of this assistance is compatible with other state assistance such as the Universal Child Allowance, the Pregnancy Allowance for Social Protection, the Unemployment Benefit, the Work Promotion, the fact of being registered in the National Registry of Workers of the Popular Economy, and with the provincial and municipal food plans.

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