How the future prepares the new labor relations
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The new generations do not even cross their minds to provide services in environments that do not contribute to their happiness and personal development. As also, the innumerable amounts of hours being quality their knowledge and expertise.

Unlike the generation of 50 years ago, people considered that they would work for life in the same place. There was a kind of idealized system between the person and their work, based on a principle of belonging and the consequent fear of losing it. In recent times, this radically changedthe system demands skilled labor where the person and their work are not idealized, but the person is what they produce in the shortest possible time. Quality exceeds quantity.

Think of a job that lasts a lifetime it does not make any sense. What we refer to as the ICTsthe new digital platforms, the changes brought about by the generational renewal and the impact of technology and automation is changing the way people think about their work. traditional standards of relationships “Worker – Employer”.


One of the core aspects of these changes has to do with the personal motivation. People have already started looking for a vital meaning to your worka way to go beyond the borders of the company and have a social and global impact. In many cases, today, many people turn down jobs if the company that would hire them does not have the values ​​aligned to your person. And this makes a lot of sense human capital investment and in the thinking of a society that thinks about the future of work. Today the autonomy and the self direction They are motivating when looking for a job. The learning It refers to permanently incorporating new skills and better competencies in the labor market.

Businesses that today only focus on profitability and do not share this with values ​​end up providing a poor customer service, with dissatisfied dependents. I assert that when a company or business only thinks about profitability, they will gradually disappear from the market.



The autonomy of the most qualified workers begins to experience the power of knowledgewhich leads you to choose, WHERE and HOW to work. Here is the key to where individual relationships change for the better. We are in a moment where it is not the Employer who decides how and where to work, no more, but it will be the fruit of a mutual individual agreementevery time the market need prevails and it will not be more “employ” Do the worker a favor.

This mutual agreement is desire where both parties (worker and employer) openly accredit their expectations of beginning, developing and ending a relationship that it will depend more on the people above a mere job.

The future of work does not see the worker as a gearto the employer as a garca or slave trader and to work like something monotonous, painful and boring. work is a experience designed by two actors that feed each other for a common purpose: the productive development and the personal growth.

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The technological or labor revolution requires these new work modalities and of trained and skilled workers.

we live in a the new World. Education, creativity, technological innovation, science and human capital are developed at a speed never seen. In the near future, these processes will separate the countries that give up knowledge and new technologies from those that invest in them.

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