How they train the brain of video game competitors

At the training center TeamLiquid in Utrecht (Netherlands), coach David Tillberg-Persson looks intently at the screen. With the help of the keyboard he must recognize shapes and “catch” red dots. Anticipate, see, react. Each time faster.

Tillberg-Persson, aka ‘Fuzzface’, is a 28-year-old former Swedish player who has taken part in a test of a new training program, before it is made available to Team Liquid teams that participate in the main professional leagues. of eSports, video game competitions.

“We believe The Pro Lab will create a sensation in the eSport industry and beyond”said the Dutch Victor Goossens, founder and one of the leaders of Team Liquid.

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“The Pro Lab is a one-of-a-kind training space, supported by the science of eSports, that fundamentally changes not only the way athletes train, but also the way they grow and evolve in the industry” explained the team.

Team Liquid players, young people who live in different parts of the world, will undergo cognitive tests and relatively simple games, and the results will then be analyzed to detect possible gaps and verify their qualities. The tests are classified into four main categories: attention, memory, control and anticipation.

“We try to use technology and data to make training more effective than what we know, which is behind a PC for eight hours” playing games and analyzing them with a coach, explains Brittany Lattanzio, sports director at Team Liquid.

The objective is to determine training activities for each player, with the mission of improving concentration, reaction speed or memory.

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