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How to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription


Amazon Prime is Amazon’s subscription service that offers access to the platform’s catalog of movies and series, free books, free shipping on selected products, and many other benefits. Available in more than 200 countries, the service has recently increased in price in Brazil, where the annual price has gone from R$89 to R$119.

Thinking about those who are already subscribers but who want to cancel Amazon Prime, we have brought you a tutorial on how to perform the procedure below.

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How to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription

1. Log into your Amazon account

(TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

To cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, you must access the company’s website by clicking on hereand log in with your profile information, such as email and password.

2. Access Your Prime Subscription

(TecMundo/Reproduction)(TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

Once you are logged into your Amazon account, move your mouse arrow to “Accounts & Lists” under your name and wait for a menu of options to appear. Then click on “Your Prime Membership”.

3. Cancel Amazon Prime Subscription

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On the next page, on the right side of the screen, select “Update, Cancel & More” and then click “Cancel Subscription & Benefits”. A new screen will open informing you of all the benefits you will lose when canceling Amazon Prime.

If you wish to continue, confirm the procedure and wait a few seconds for your subscription to be cancelled.

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