How to consult the work history from My ANSES
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Meanwhile, the government agency that leads Fernanda Raventa clarified that this can download in PDF format, to be printed and presented to any body that requests it. Also, it does not require authentication with the seal and signature of an ANSES agent.

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ANSES Labor History: what data can I consult

  1. The affidavits presented by your employers.
  2. The periods recorded and your remuneration as a self-employed worker and/or monotributista. If there is no information on amounts, it is likely that the contribution is being made to another retirement fund.
  3. Information provided by the provinces transferred to the Nation, if applicable.

My ANSES: how to consult the Labor History

  1. Go to, My ANSES section.
  2. Enter the Social Security Code.
  3. Go to My Messages, Inquiries option.
  4. Choose Check Labor History.

How to create the Social Security Code

The interested party must first enter the ANSES site, My ANSES section. Once there, you must select the Create Social Security Password option, which will take you to the Security Policies that you must read carefully and accept to obtain your password.

When accessing the Security Policies, a screen will open in which you must enter your CUIL number, the code that appears and indicate whether you reside in the country or abroad.

After clicking Submit, the system will confirm that your user was successfully created. From that moment, you have 90 calendar days to activate it either in person or online.

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