This is the first step in creating your PlayStation account.  (Source: TecMundo/Reproduction)
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Anyone who owns a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 certainly has the desire to enjoy all online features, either to play online or buy games digitally. For all these actions, it is necessary to have a PlayStation account.

If you’ve never made one, check out our guide on what to do to create a PlayStation account.

How to create a PlayStation account

To create your PlayStation account on your computer, just follow the steps below:

  • Open your browser and go to the Sony page. Once it loads, click on “Create a new account”;

This is the first step in creating your PlayStation account. (Source: TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

  • In the next window, click “Create” to start the process;

(Source: TecMundo/Reproduction)(Source: TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

  • Fill in the fields with the information that will be requested, including your name, date of birth and where you live;

Remember to put all the correct information in this step.  (Source: TecMundo/Reproduction)Remember to put all the correct information in this step. (Source: TecMundo/Reproduction)Source: TecMundo

  • After going through these steps, indicate a valid email and create a secure password for your access;
  • You will see a message to access the entered email. This step is important to validate your account, so do it as soon as possible;
  • After following the steps indicated in the email, your PlayStation account will be activated and ready to use.

Create an account on PlayStation 4

  • After turning on your PlayStation 4, press the PS button on the controller;
  • On the next screen, choose “New User” and then “Create a User”;
  • After loading the PlayStation Network page, choose “Next” and then select “New to PSN? Create an Account”;
  • Once this is done, choose “Sign Up Now” and, on the next screen, enter all the data that will be requested. Click “Next”;
  • In the following steps, options will be offered to select an avatar, choose the username and make preferences adjustments;
  • Finally, accept the Terms of Service and User Agreement to finish the process.

Create an account on PlayStation 5

  • When turning on your PlayStation 5, press the PS button on the controller;
  • Select the user profile icon or, in the upper right corner of the screen, select the profile avatar (if you follow this path, select Switch User);
  • In the next step, select “Add User” and then the “Let’s get started” button to create a new user;
  • Finally, just accept the PlayStation 5 License Agreementpress “Confirm”, select the “Create an account” option and follow the same steps described above to generate a new user on PlayStation 4.

See how simple it is to create a PlayStation account? Once all processes are completed, you’ll be ready to take advantage of everything your console can offer – including in this regard the registration of all trophies won and enjoy the resources of PlayStation Plus.

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