How to create clothes in Roblox?

The Roblox platform is completely geared towards stimulating creativity and sharing experiences among its users, and of course this could not fail to include the personalization of avatars.

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to create t-shirts and pants on the platform, and if you’re really happy with your creation, you can even sell it in the store to get some extra Robux!

How to create clothes in Roblox?

Step 1: save the official templates available in this link in the format .PNG.

Source: roblox

Step 2: Open the templates in your image editor preferred and draw the way you want. The cool thing is that there are several models online to get inspired and even textures that can be added to make your project even cooler. However, always remember to respect the sizes, which are as follows:


Size (width × height)

parts of clothing

big square

128 × 128 pixels

Trunk front and back

tall rectangle

64×128 pixels

Trunk sides (Right, Left)

wide rectangle

128×64 pixels

Sides of arms/legs (Left, Back, Right, Front)

small square

64×64 pixels

Upper and lower trunk

Source: Stella/Voxel

Step 3: After finishing your creation, save in the format PNG.

Source: Stella/Voxel

Step 4: Now access the roblox website and enter the Avatar menu.

Source: roblox

Step 5: click in Clothes and select the part you want to create, in our case the option is t-shirts.

Source: roblox

Step 6: Select the Create option in the right corner of the screen, which will open a page for loading your template. There, click on the option Choose Fileselect your project and then click Upload.

It is worth remembering that the creation of t-shirts is free of charge, however, for shirts and pants you must pay a fee. 10 robux.

Source: roblox

Ready! Now you can take the opportunity to use all your talent and creativity to make your avatar super stylish.

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