How to get tax code afip?

How to obtain the fiscal key

There are different ways to obtain the fiscal key. Depending on the mechanism used, the security level of the password will be different.

Homebanking – Level 2


Enter the username and password on the website of your bank and select the option “AFIP Services”. The system will generate an authentication so that you can operate with some AFIP systems without having to obtain a tax code.

This mechanism allows you to submit sworn statements and payments, know your contributions, register the staff of private homes, charge deductions in the SiRADIG, submit a labor telegram, request the refund of the PAIS tax, among other procedures.

My AFIP App – Level 3

app mi afip.jpg_large

From the app “My AFIP”, available for all mobile devices with front camera and internet access. They are essential requirements, to have an Argentine DNI in card format and to be of legal age.

To request the tax code, you must enter the menu “Tools”option “Request and/or recovery of fiscal code”. Then, you must scan the code of your ID and take pictures of your face.

ATM – Level 4

They will invest some US$15 million to change ATM technology

Before raising the security level to 4 You must have a tax key with security level 3 enabled. Subsequently, to obtain the second fiscal key authentication factor, you must:

  1. Download the app “AFIP Token”available for Android and iOS, and select the option “Activate at ATM”.
  2. Enter in the app the CUIT and fiscal code.
  3. Go to an ATM with your debit card and PIN.
  4. Get the code that the cashier throws.
  5. Enter the code obtained by the cashier in the app.

This mechanism is used to formalize customs declarations.

If you act as administrator of a third party (human or legal person), you can register services for your client.

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